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I want to be outraged, but I'm just sad

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I started today with a super breakfast/lunch and then headed to the airport on my way home from a super-fantastic vacation week. I was shocked when I got on the plane and saw the news that there had been two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I watched in horror as the news stations replayed the horrific scene, showing the explosions. I almost cried when I saw the runner, just meters from the finish line, get knocked over by the blast. And I did get teary when I watched the interview with the doctor from the ER at Mass General who was describing the patients that had already arrived. I couldn't stop thinking of all the friends that I have in the Boston area, and trying to figure out where they were relative to Copley Square. I scoured my mind to try to figure out which of my friends were running today, so that as soon as I hit the ground I could try to check up on them. I can't imagine how scared and angry everyone in Boston must be feeling right now.

I want to be pissed off that anyone would decide that they were going to set up bombs in a crowd, at the finish line of a race. THE biggest marathon of the year. The one that almost every runner has thought about (even if, like me, you've never run it). I've trained with friends as they got ready for their qualifying race and then geared up for Patriot's Day. I've gotten up early to watch the race on TV and follow my friends online, cheering even though they couldn't hear me. The Boston Marathon is a Big Deal if you like to run. And thinking that someone would use this event to hurt the people that show up to cheer for people who decided they wanted to take on a 26.2 mile race For Fun is heartbreaking. What the fuck is wrong with people??

But even though I want to be pissed and angry at anyone that would do such a terrible, awful thing I can't get past just feeling sad. Sad for everyone that was at the finish line to cheer on the runners, and how they will live with the images from today for the rest of their lives. For the folks that were injured for no fucking reason and will have to rearrange their life so unexpectedly. And so sad for anyone that lost a loved one. And I'm sad to think about the reaction to this. Already in the news there are people arguing about whether Obama should call this a "terrorist" act. Who the fuck cares? I am so sick of hearing every tragic event get spinned by politicians and the media. It makes my stomach drop when folks use these events to play into to our worst fears, manipulating us into a reaction for their own purposes.

I wish that everyone would take a minute away from fear-mongering, spinning, and "explaining" to really think about how a lot of people got hurt very, very badly today. Some died. This is horrible and tragic. I have no doubt that our society will find someone to blame, get angry, and exact "justice". But just for today can we all just take minute to step away from the knee-jerk anger and mourn what was lost? To reflect on the lives of those that are changed forever by today, hug your friends and family, and take the time to check in with the people that you care about.

This is super-cheesy, and you probably already saw it floating around on FB or something. But I kinda like it anyway:

This quote went viral after the tragedy in Newtown and is making the rounds again, if my FB is any indication.

This quote went viral after the tragedy in Newtown and is making the rounds again, if my FB is any indication.

I'm sending every good thought I can to those that have been impacted by the events in Boston today - the folks that live there, anyone that has family or friends in the area, and all the runners and their supporters that were at the race today.

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A Christmas memorial for Shadow

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Hello again! I hope that everyone out there is having a super holiday, no matter what (if anything) you are celebrating!! I have been a little absent recently...I have had some IRL issues that have been taking up all my energy. Seriously. This is one of those unbloggable things (for now) that have certainly tipped my work/life schedule almost fully into LIFE mode. Things are kinda rough for me right now, but I know that it is all for the best. I have been trying to focus on keeping sane and working through things as best I can*. I'm looking forward to 2013, which I hope will bring new beginnings, professional advancement, and a little peace. Of course, being in my third year of the tenure-track doesn't bode well. But really, things in lab are going pretty well. The folks in my lab are kicking ass, and I'm cautiously optimistic *knocks on wood*.

I recently attended the annual meeting for the American Society for Cell Biology. This is a meeting I go to pretty regularly, even though I don't know that I actually classify myself as a cell biologist. Nevertheless, it was a really good meeting. I always enjoy the diversity of research I can learn about at this meeting. It is big, but not TOO big. I even got to give a talk this time! I also took one or two shopping breaks, which was great to outfit my new place and start to catch up on my Xmas shopping. WIN!

But I really want to tell you about my trip home from the ASCB conference. I stayed a little after the meeting, so I was flying home the Friday before Christmas. I was standing in a ridiculously-long and slow-moving line at the airport with a good friend (who can reveal hirself in the comments if ze so desires). Turns out, the woman behind us was one of those crazy cell-phone-shouters.  Yay! And she called everyone in her phone book. Because apparently her one-legged cat, Shadow, had recently died.

I was SHOCKED at how many pictures there are of 1-legged cats!

I was SHOCKED at how many pictures there are of 1-legged cats!

Shadow had a rough life (we heard about it MORE THAN ONCE). First off, Shadow had only one leg - how did s/he walk around?? I have no idea. Not only that, but it turns out Shadow also didn't get along with the other kitteh that was brought into the house to be hir companion. ūüôĀ And recently loud-talker (LT) went home, and found the remaining leg was all swollen! Shadow had an bad tumor, so LT had to¬†euthanize¬†the poor critter. The kicker was that LT couldn't bury Shadow in her yard because of her neighbor, Crazy Charlie (srsly, you can't make this shit up). I have no idea why Crazy Charlie would want to mess with Shadow, but this was a major concern for LT. Though she said it so matter-of-fact "of course, I couldn't bury the cat in my yard because of Crazy Charlie". There's a sentence that is a little scary to hear! I was basically laughing so hard it is pretty incredible I didn't pee. It was either that or strangle the old woman, which I did consider.

I'm not exaggerating that we heard this story at at least three (hundred? it seemed like it!) times. And just when it seemed like it couldn't get worse (after 90 min or so)...well, a person with a ukelele showed up to serenade us. In a Santa hat. While we were trapped in line. I was convinced we had hit rock bottom. BUT NO. Instead...wait for it...a dude showed up with an accordian. I am not shitting you. And then the accordian and ukelele played a duet of "On the Road Again". WHILE WE WERE STUCK IN AN UNMOVING LINE. What. In. The. Fuck.  On the bright side, after I got through security it didn't seem so horrible when my flight was delayed.

I hope that you all have safe and sane travels this holiday season! See you (more regularly, I hope!) in 2013!


*better living through chemistry FTW!

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This week in crazy

Jul 19 2012 Published by under exhaustion, This week in crazy, venting

UPDATE: When I wrote this, I was pissed off at how idiotic everything seemed. About the meanness. This morning I woke up to news of the Aurora theater shooting. Now I'm just sad, and kind of at a loss. My thoughts are with everyone affected by this tragic event.


I don't know what the hell is going on, but it seems that the heat is starting to get to people. Or maybe it is just getting to me. In any event, there was a lot of crazy stupid shit in the news this week. So today I'm gonna do a modified Fuck You Friday* to make you all share the pain.**

The first openly-gay engineer at the University of Kansas doesn't get tenure, and is left to wonder whether it is because the Dean is a stupid-ass homophobe.

The Lt. Gov. of Florida is accused by a former-staffer of being caught in a "compromising" position with a female colleague, but claims that this is impossible because she doesn't even look like a lesbian. What in the name of all fuck?! From Jezebel:

Get out your Awful Things To Say Bingo Cards and go right ahead and put a chip on the "Single bitch is just jealous of my awesome husband and life," "Lesbians all look the same," and "Marriage proves that I am moral and just" icons. Also, put a chip on the "Accuse someone of being a lesbian like it's an insult" card, because the crap is flying from both sides, folks.

For the record, Lt. Gov. doesn't actually deny the alleged lesbian encounter. Saying that "generally" women than look like her don't have relationships like that is both stupid and vague. I mean, generally, folks that look like her aren't Republican, but what-the-fuck-ever. Perhaps she is retroactively straight?

Dear Prudie decides that a PhD doesn't earn you the title of "Doctor".

It is not bragging to use Dr. if you are an physician, ... I have more of a problem with people with Ph.D.s using the Dr. title, which I think is better reserved for those with medical degrees.

Dear Prudie: STFU

Clorox's multi-cultural team comes up with bleach designed especially for Latinos. Because white folks like Lemon scented bleach, but the Latinos really dig the "Fresh Squeezed Lemon". Sigh. The new line is named Fraganzia, making everyone wonder what the "crack team" was smoking when they came up with this marketing strategy.


Some dude in Idaho used Craiglist to try get his wife raped.

Two GROWN MEN brutally beat the shit out of a TEENAGE GIRL while yelling anti-gay slurs in front of a church in Kentucky. Real fucking brave, assholes.

Zimmerman claims it is "God's plan" that he killed Trayvon Martin.

Fuck all this shit. What is fucking wrong with people? And how am I supposed to finish this manuscript if I can't stop swearing??


Pretty much the only redeeming thing about this week is that Sarah Silverman offered to scissor Sheldon Adelson in a bikini bottom (to fruition) if he would give his cash to Obama instead of Romney. If you haven't watched the video yet, DO IT NOW.

So there you go. Consider this a kind of open thread where you can bitch about the crazy in your world. Or share examples that might help restore my faith in humanity.

h/t to @drrubidium and an anonymous friend (that bought a pitcher of beer) for their help with this post.


*don't you miss Hermitage?

**Sweet baby jeebus, it is only Thursday and I can't take it anymore. I'm posting early, in the hopes that closing this post will make the crazy stop.

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