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Well hello there, good looking

Sep 18 2013 Published by under hilarity

Hi again. It's been a while since my last post. It turns out that my friend Prof-Like Substance was right: Year 3 on the tenure track does, in fact, suck goat balls. I am playing whack-a-mole with various grant-writing/paper-submitting/teaching/grad-student/postdoc/administration/colleagues issues. And that is the easy part, because LIFE has decided to also throw me some curve balls in the last year. I can't really blog about it right now, but hopefully soon. I miss you guys.

So what finally drew me back into this space? Hilarity, of course. The other day I was chatting with a friend who's kids go to a private (religious) school. And I learned about one of the most entertaining homework assignments of all time. Here it is: take an advertisement and use the tagline to describe God. Here was a common one:

God is like Nike: Just do it!

At first I thought this was weird because commercializing god, blah blah, whatev. BUT YOU GUYS...the potential for hilarity is awesome! Here are some favorites of mine* (start each with "God is like"):

Calvin Klein: Between love and madness lies obsession
Sony: Make Believe
GE: Imagination at work
KFC: It's finger lickin' good!

OK, I should stop now. I think something is on fire.


*h/t @Bam294 for collaborating, or at least laughing, on several of these


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Oct 21 2012 Published by under hilarity

I don't know how I've missed this until now. Go visit NOW. It has a series of videos that are hi-larious. For example:

Sarah Silverman is The Shit. And the Great Schlep = awesomesauce.

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weekend fun: the twitter bed time story

Sep 29 2012 Published by under hilarity

About a week ago, I made up a bedtime story on twitter. You can read The Princess and the Coffee Bean here (thanks to @dr24hours for storifying it). Last night, Drug Monkey raised the stakes. Here is the first part of his story, which is apparently a chapter book. I can't wait to find out how it ends!


I like the peasants. Good people, with good beer = WIN!. But then it got a little scary:

But luckily, help is on the way:

I hope the Knight and QR Gertzin (who sounds freaking amazing) can help! Hopefully Chapter 2 will be published soon!!!

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Just an example of why I

Aug 02 2012 Published by under hilarity, queer

Yesterday, Dr. Isis (@drisis if you are on twitter and don't follow, then WTF?)  took to the twitter and demonstrated why I <3 her so, so much. She started fighting back against the idiots and bigots that were bragging about their day of eating greasy chicken sandwiches w/ a side of hate. She even got blocked by Scott Baio!

Other awesome tweeps joined in (YAY to you all!), and of course Drug Monkey (@drugmonkeyblog) kept the #FWDAOTI going. I didn't get to play much, because my mom is in town and I was busy catching up with her. But every time I checked in, it was full of win.

I made a little storify that has a sampling of the awesome. It doesn't have everything, and it's not in the right order, probably. In my defense, it was the first time I storified anything. But you can get the gist. I can't figure out how to make it show up here, but you can see it here. And if you don't want to click through, here is a sample from Dr. Isis's timeline last night. Fucking. Genius.


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search term fun time

Jun 19 2012 Published by under hilarity

I am working on Part 3 of Gerty goes to study section. But in the mean time, I was amused by how some of you are finding your way here. These are the top search terms that led to this blog, according to my WordPress stats page:

"big fuck" this is the most common search term. I assume that you were looking for something kind of different, but welcome!

"grad student nothing to do between exper" I am thinking that ended with "experiments". Well, grad student. My mom always used to say "If you are bored, I can find something for you to do!" You could be doing some reading. Or catch up your lab notebook. Clean up your bench. Just some ideas.

"fabric poster for conference" They are awesome

"what you should be learning in your post" I'll guess this ended with "post-doc". I have written a post about being a new postdoc. But in the long-term, you should be learning what you need for the next stage in your career. And developing a Plan B (and maybe C) for if that scenario doesn't work out. I hope that you found something useful here! If not, drop me a comment/email about what you were looking for. I'm always looking for blog inspiration.

"i don't like my postdoc" sorry. Maybe you should consider moving on?

"women of lbeby free". huh. were you looking for this?

"run4p" and "running challenge".  Welcome runners! Hope you are having fun and enjoying the daily workout 🙂

"no, but really," Yes. This.

"fuck bigers" I don't even want to know.

If you are looking for something to do, also please consider contributing to the Diversity in Science Carnival: PRIDE edition! We've already seen some good entries, from an anonymous ally and BabyAttachMode. I would love to have you all join in 😀

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Random thoughts on the airplane

Jun 03 2011 Published by under hilarity, on the job training, venting

As I am sitting on the airplane, I have had a fair amount of time to get some thinking done without any of the common interruptions. This has been mostly very productive. I got my two talks for this trip put together, outlined a grant I am starting to write (see below), read some papers that have been piling up, and drafted some adverts for postdocs to send to select mailing lists. It is amazing how productive I can be when there is no Internet access! But,I have not been a laser-beam of focus, and to prove it I will share some random thoughts.

1. Thereof nothing that you can do to make a 4:30 am cab ride to the airport fun.
2. Why the hell are there so many people at the airport Wed at 5:00 am?
3. My resolve to take all summer off from writing grants has failed. I have decided to write up something I have been percolating for a while. I was thinking of waiting until next fall, but changed my mind after consulting some colleagues. Plans, schmans.
4. I walk faster than 90% of the people in the Atlanta airport, and I'm not even rushing to catch my next flight.
5. I don't know how to embed links using wordpress on the iPad.
6. There are a lot of folks that have already picked over Coburn's "report" about waste at NSF (see #5). So I won't even try to go through why it is so fucking ridiculous right now. But, I have made sure my representatives in the house and senate know how I feel about it. And you should, too. Be sure to tell them that is we let half-wit "reports" like this pass as truth that the terrorists win.

That's enough for now, surely. I'm off to give a seminar and then head up the coast a little to a conference. Hopefully there will be wifi!

Update: it is 3 days (or so) since I started this post. Wi-fi FAIL 🙁 I really hope that the next destination is better equipped. In happier news, I had a fantastic visit with my colleague at East coast Fancy Institute. My seminar went really well and I think that the foundation of some new collaborations have been set. Yay!

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>round and round we go!

Jun 02 2010 Published by under hilarity, jr faculty, service

>Well, I'm sure that this is to be expected, but still I am finding this pretty funny (thus the hilarity tag). I am on the faculty search committee for our department next year! It has been less than a year since I began putting together my own job application packet, and now I will be sitting in judgement (well, 1/3 judgement at least) of others. Note that I have not officially started my appointment yet as an Asst. Prof., but what the hell?

WTF! I'm on the search committee!?

I agreed to be on the committee for a couple of reasons: 1. It will probably be pretty enlightening to see a job search from the other side. 2. I would like to at least have SOME input into shaping the future of the Dept. 3. I figure that if I sit on this committee I can be too busy for any others 4. I'm not sure I was allowed to say no.

In any event, after less 3 months as an Asst. Prof., I will be involved in sorting through the next generation of applicants. Am I insane or is this like the blind leading the blind? Back in the day, when I was a lowly grad student, I once had a jr. faculty tell me that job searches were so random that it came down to someone walking into a room with a stack of applications, throwing them high into the air, and then picking the 5-10 that happen to land on the table. I assumed that was a metaphor. Now I am not so sure. I would say that this should be fun except that I'm pretty sure it will be a shit-ton of work.

Seriously, this shit is cracking me up.

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