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Well, that hurts

Nov 09 2016 Published by under exhaustion, politics, queer

I sat stunned watching the election last night with Twig and close friends. It was devastating to see how many folks signed on to Trump's view of America. An America that doesn't value me, my family, or my work.


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Nov 08 2016 Published by under Uncategorized

Holy shit, you guys. It’s here. Election day. Sweet Jibbers, get out there and VOTE, people.

I’m a pretty fucking frazzled, tbqh. This election season has really fucked with me. I mean, I’ve listened to the racist, bigoted, misogynistic shit-storm that is DJT. It sucked, and it brought up some feelings that I have had to deal with. Like many (all?) women, I’ve been the target of unwanted attention. Guys who think it is OK to comment on or “grab” my body. Men who think that they deserve my attention with no regard for my time or personal space. The past few months have been fucking exhausting. I feel the anxiety every time I look at another news story ... but I have to keep looking. Because it is so fucking personal and I so very much want to believe that people are better than this. That folks everywhere will wake up, maybe shake their heads, and realize what a horrible fucking thing is going on right now.

But you know what is worse? Knowing that there are people who know me – people who are fucking RELATED to me – who are going to vote for Trump. Every time I think of this it is like getting stabbed in the gut. These are people that say out loud that they care for me, but their actions speak so much louder. These people stand up for a candidate PARTY that openly demonizes my family. They espouse the belief that they should be allowed to discriminate against me and my family because … religion. That not allowing them their bigotry is intolerant (OH MY FUCKING JIBBERS, JUST FUCKING WRITING THAT MADE ME THROW UP IN MY MOUTH). I can’t wait for them to all STFU. I don’t think these folks are going to change their mind, but can we at least make it uncomfortable for them to say this shit out loud again?





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