#Sobtober (edit - I mean #Sobtember) - let's do this!

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While I was prepping for teaching today (*barf*), a couple of the twitts came up with the fantastic idea of an September workout challenge. It's been named #Sobtember. Here are all the details, from the most-awesome @SciTriGrrl:

#SOBTEMBER  - A new workout challenge.

We haven’t done this for a while, and with a new semester starting, we figured it was time to set up a workout challenge as threat of public shaming and punishment inspiration, motivation, to work out stress at the beginning of the semester.

The goal is 30 workouts in 30 days. Or 7 workouts per week throughout September.

30 concurrent days is really incredibly hard because life happens, so this doesn’t need to do one workout per day. You can double up on some days and take a rest day others (see FAQ #8).

CARDIO workouts are at least 30 minutes of getting your heart rate up.

STRENGTH workouts are at least 10 minutes of strength work. Doesn’t have to be weights - it can be planks or pushups or yoga or pilates. Or the NYTimes 7minute workout. Physical Therapy. Whatever you need to work on / want to do.

Let me (@scitrigrrl) know if you’re in, then tweet your workouts with the hashtag #Sobtember, subscribe to the #Sobtember twitter list.

For those up for a challenge, do at least three (3) cardio and two (2) strength training sessions per week*.

*For those of us (like me and @TheSpenceLab) who get confused with counting and days-in-the-month, 3+2 does not add up to 7 workouts per week, so you’re gonna need to add 2 more workouts per week.

If you can’t do that, do whatever you can/ whatever you need to work on. All workouts are good.


Question 1: Can I have rest/sick/lazy/binge-TV-watching days
Answer: Yes. Catch up by doing 2 workouts on the same day to catch up.

Question 2: What if I lie?
Answer: Cheating is bad. It’s a woodchipperable offense. But I’m FAR too lazy to check up on you, so you’re only lying to yourself. Also see the answer to #3.

Question 3: What happens if I DON’T do the workouts?
Answer: @namaste_ish is in charge of all punishments for workout failure. Twitter shaming is the least of your worries. Be very, very afraid.

Previous punishments have included… photos. [shudder -gz]

Question 4: What do I get if I DO the workouts?
Answer: Twitter-love. motivation for the next workout, and the satisfaction of working out.

What? you wanted cookies too?

Question 5: How do I know who else is doing it?

Answer: subscribe to #Sobtember twitter list, and watch your twitter stream. We already have a star-filled lineup including @GertyZ, @Namaste_ish and @CackleofRad.

Question 6: I did a 60minute spin class. Does that count as 2 workouts?
Answer: No.
Question: But…?
Answer: No.
Question: b…?
Answer: STILL NO. But if you do a 30minute cardio and 30 mins strength, that is 2. Or Spin class followed by a 30minute run = 2. Or 30min run in the morning and 30min walk in the evening = 2.

Question 7: Does eating icecream count as a workout.
Answer: not unless you’re actually working out WHILE eating icecream. [...and you don't throw up. -gz]

Question 8 : Who do I contact for questions?
Answer: Just tweet with the #Sobtember hashtag. [Or, you know, leave a comment -gz].

Question 9: https://twitter.com/tollkuhn/status/638463223142985728
Answer: Nope! But please post pics of leg warmers. [PLEASE! -gz]


* High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts with weights can count as either strength OR cardio, but do not double count one HIIT workout as both. That’s cheating. And cheating is a woodchipperable offense.

Now if you do two in one day, you can do whatever you like, eat whatever you like, and basically own the world.


Links for HIIT workout http://dailyburn.com/life/fitness/hiit-workouts-for-beginners/

Also: http://dailyburn.com/life/fitness/hiit-workouts-for-beginners/ inspiration, motivation, to work out stress at the beginning of the semester.


#Sobtember starts TOMORROW!!

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  • Comradde PhysioProffe says:

    It's a really bad idea not to incorporate planned rest days in a training schedule. And doubling up before or after defeats the purpose. One rest day per week is a good rule of thumb, and at least one rest per month of at least two consecutive days. You only get fitter when you allow your musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems the time required to rebuild and recover.

  • scitrigrrl says:

    Seriously dude? doing 10mins of abs after cardio is bad? REALLY?!

  • Rest days are incorporated by the participants very easily. Most of us regularly do more than one type of exercise on a workout day (a short run and a core workout, for instance), which means we could just work out every other day. 30 minutes of cardio (any level) plus 10 minutes of crunches satisfies two workouts in one day. The idea isn't necessarily to bust a gut every single day, but to incorporate 30 very loosely defined fitness activities into 30 days.

  • E rook says:

    Yeah I am confused by the lack of a rest day. Does a 1 hr bike ride or run count as 2?

  • Comradde PhysioProffe says:

    I'm eating a plate of fucken ribs right now. Tomorrow I take a rest day. This is a proper scientifically designed training plan.

  • becca says:

    I finally figured out who CPP is reminding me of...
    When you hang out on personal finance blogs, every time the "snowball method" (paying down your debts in order of smallest to largest, combining payments that were going to the other debts when tackling the new one; regardless of interest rate) comes up, there is some jackhat who HAS to say "but that's all wrong, you pay more in interest that way!!!!11!!!!" and it's like, yeah we know. But psychology.

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