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May 13 2014 Published by under venting

This, folks, is what makes me want to delete my entire inbox.

subject: Dr. Z(urgent)-regard to peptide synthesis

Dear Dr. Z,

    Greetings from Wuzheng, Wish you have a nice day.
I have sent several emails to you before, I think you might be busy, so do not reply me.

    Please excuse me to take the liberty of writing to you again that we pay much attention to cooperate with you, If you need peptides in your research, you could try to compare(price, quality,service and delivery time) us with your supplier,

there may have been more. I had to quit reading  because it was making me want to lash out at other humans without any sort of specificity. 2 min of my life I can never get  back.

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  • One of these Chinese peptide synthesis spammers actually e-mailed me to ask me to try to get one of my colleagues at my institution to pay up some supposed past-due invoice. I shitte you notte!!

    But more importantly, why is that shittio getting past your spam filter??? I don't see any of that crappe or the dozens of fakeasse solicitations that get sent to me every week to (1) submit my amazing work to excellent journal, (2) join the esteemed editorial board of excellent journal, (3) attend the exciting conference of amazing new advances in esteemed excellence.

  • Dave says:

    My place stopped blocking spam, and instead labels the shit with [suspected marketing]. I'm not kidding. So you have to manually block everything that comes in, which is not perfect because a ton of shit comes through each day and escapes blocking (no idea how). As a result, I get everything, including cheap and nasty Chinese peptide synthesis offers, crappy journal spam, spam related to shite citation tracking services, custom Ab synthesis (also Chinese).....everything. We don't have much of an IT dept left after the great recession, apparently.

  • Dave says:

    .....oh, and the conference 'invites' are the worst.

  • Susan says:

    Don't leave out hindawi journals. They'd be very sad I'm sure.

  • mytchondria says:

    I'm in China now. Waiting for Judy to take me to the World Congress of Something I'm Chairing. It's been a week at the airport...should I go look into that peptide for you?

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