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make a difference for kids affected by Sandy

Nov 02 2012 Published by under awesomeness

The last week has been heartbreaking to watch as Hurricane Sandy tore across the northeast. The images are devastating, and it is going to take some time to recover from the aftermath. Like many of you, I have given some money to the Red Cross (you can text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10). I wanted to give blood, but my stupid low iron levels prevented it. grrrr.

But there is MOAR we can do to help. We can help make sure that kids in areas affected by Sandy still have the opportunity to have a great science education. The Science Bloggers Challenge for Donor's Choose has been EXTENDED! So there is still time! And even better, any $ you give will be matched - that's right DOUBLED. Just enter SCIENCE when prompted for the gift/match code. I've picked out some new projects that are specifically aimed to help kids in the Sandy-affected areas. Go to my giving page, and drop a couple of dollars to help them out. Even $1 is awesome, just to show these kids that we care about them now, and also we want to see them win in the future.

Here are the Sandy-area projects I added:
"We need basic supplies :)" in Paterson, NJ (OMG, the smiley face breaks my heart)
"Help my science guppies find Nemo!" in Brooklyn, NY (this is a special needs class)
"Mission Nutrition" in NY, NY (only $20 to go!)
"Learning through games in the testing grades" in Brooklyn, NY (because you shouldn't only have to learn for the test!)

Let's finish out one or all of these, whaddayasay?


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