Spring Cleaning

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When I am in writing mode my office exists in one of two binary states: totally and immaculately spotless, or a toxic disaster zone. OK, it is probably not toxic. But you may find half a granola bar under that paper, so be prepared. ANYWAY. I am currently crazy busy, so yesterday, of course, I cleaned up my office. I am in this midst of writing my next R01 application, in addition to the two manuscripts on my desk (one is a review due in a month or so). I also have a lot of peer-review to get to, including abstracts from a conference where I am on the organizing committee, the applications I was assigned for my stint spying on study section, and a smaller internal pilot grant that I was asked to evaluate. In other words, the next six weeks are gonna be a little...exciting.

In the spirit of cleaning up before the disaster of the next six weeks, I have done a little blog upkeep. First, you will notice that you can now contribute to Scientopia! Just click on the little "donate" paypal button over there on the right. All the money we collect will be used to pay for operation costs so that we can keep the blogging going here. I also added a widget so you can share posts here on twitter or facebook, or even "like" or "+1" these posts. I have no idea if anyone does this, but it was pretty easy so what the hell.

Even though I am going to be crazy busy, I am pretty excited that I will be an "early career" reviewer at study section. I have booked my flight and have downloaded the three grants that I am assigned to review. I will try to follow the lead of PLS and share any general insights from this process. If there is something specific that you would like me to comment on, please let me know. So far, all I have learned is that there are significantly more grants this cycle than is usual, so the reviewers have been warned that the meeting will last a little longer than usual. Since I don't know what "usual" is, this doesn't mean that much to me.


UPDATE: DrugMonkey has a much better explanation of why we at Scientopia need the paypal button, plus a preview of some upcoming changes. Also, did you know that you could also buy Scientopia schwag? WIN!


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