Hockey Pool, Week 6

Nov 13 2011 Published by under awesomeness

This is my second year of playing along in the VWXYnot Hockey Pool, organized by the most-excellent Cath. And, so as not to be a slacker, I volunteered to post the update for the 6th week of the hockey season here. I might be late with this, because I didn't have the brain capacity to figure out when the week actually ended. Nevertheless, here are the data!

Figure 1: Week 6 points earned

The clear winners this week were Bob O'Hara and Modscientist. Well done! Ricardipus also did pretty well, and there were several of us clustered near the middle. In an uncharacteristic showing, Lavaland had a really bad week.

Figure 2: overall points from week 5 to 6

Even with the less-than-stellar showing this week, Lava's lead is intact. Smaller, but still there. Mod and Bob made giant (and identical) gains, moving them up into the top cluster with Lava, Chall, Scientist Mother and Ricardipus. I'm stick in middle-land, with Cath, Beth and Mr. E Man clumped at the bottom.

There you go! The hockey season is still young, and anything could happen. I just hope that I can continue to remember to make the picks on time each week.


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