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Oct 19 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

You all know that this is the last week of Donor's Choose! PLEASE take a minute to support one of the projects on my Donor's Choose Giving Page. I don't have any sway over the various fairies that may be giving you a visit, and I can't invent a cocktail in your honor (though I will drink one on your behalf, if that helps). All I can promise is my never-ending gratitude and a shout-out on the blog and twitter.

I've added some new projects to get you excited. Whether you want to support basic needs, like cleaning supplies for the classroom*, or fun experiments like a Beetle Penny Pull Lab**, there should be something there for you. Any little bit, even just $5, can make a difference. Together we can give the kids today a chance to realize that science is AWESOME.


*It breaks my heart that teachers actually have to ask for this
**ZOMG so fucking cool! I might buy one of these for myself after the kids get theirs!

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