Dear postdoc applicant,

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You are out of your freaking mind. I mean, really, thanks for taking the time to apply to my lab. I need a postdoc and it was great to get your email (yay! someone likes me!). But then I opened your email it went on for EVER. Honestly, I didn't read it. It was really, really long. I just don't have the time (though I did paste it into Word to find out that it was OVER 1200 WORDS!). Still, I would have opened your CV to see what was up. But here's the thing-there is no way that I was going to get to it the day before I was leaving for the weekend. If we are being honest here, and I think we are, even in the best of times it takes me a few days to respond to emails from people that are not either 1) my wife or 2) someone that will be voting on my tenure or 3) an editor of a journal that is reviewing one of my manuscripts. SO, when I got ANOTHER email from you after 4 days (3 of which I was out of town over the weekend) inquiring as to the "status of your application"...well...let's just say that pestering me won't help with your job search.

All I'm saying is LAY OFF. I'm doing the best I can here, and you are not helping your case.

OH, and please tell your friend that sending me 5 emails in ONE DAY about a postdoc in my lab is also a poor decision.


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