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Jul 07 2010 Published by under jr faculty, mentoring

>I was a little cranky earlier as a result of the endless grant writing. (I mean srsly, I've submitted my 3rd application and I've only been faculty for 3 working days.). But all that is over. I have folks in the lab doing WORK!! (woo hoo) AND the sun finally came out and summer seems to be starting. AND to top it all off, I got to watch the Dutch beat up on Uruguay over lunch.

Since I'm in such a happy mood, I thought that I would share a super website I found: Materials for Nurturing Scientists. This is from Uri Alon's website, and there is some good stuff for Grad Students. And also a link to the New PI forum, which I like. Anwho, it's good stuff. You should read it, IMHO.


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