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>the space-time continuum

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>Something weird is happening. I'm pretty sure that time is moving faster. At least from my vantage point. I have to wonder what sort of crazy reference frame I have stepped into. And is there a way back to the old, slower frame?

I have been reading a lot of blogs recently, mostly catching up on old conversations and such. Not the most productive, but whatev. I've run across a lot of interesting info that I think will be helpful as I try to start up my lab. Also, I found this post on Rate Your Students that was pretty awesome. But I digress.

This week I am determined to be more productive. To get my ass in gear I am going to publicly post my goals as motivation:
1. Limit myself to 3 days of being at new lab at BigU where I generally can't do experiments (since my lab space is empty).
2. Finish at least one of the experiments that needs to be done for me to write Awesome Paper. This will be facilitated by not getting sucked into BigU.
3. Get back on full-scale marathon training schedule. My long run last weekend made it clear that I can NOT skimp on this anymore if I don't want to die on race day.

OK, now back to work. 

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>I have an office!!!

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>As a postdoc, I spent a lot of time at my desk in the middle of the lab. I was the first person that everyone walking into the room saw (and spoke to). I was constantly hiding my coffee cup from EH&S folks that might wander by. I went to a coffee shop if I needed to get any serious writing done. I recently landed a position as an asst. prof. at the Big U in the same city as my postdoc at Super Fancy Private Research Institution. My new chairman gave me the keys to my new office early so that I could have somewhere to sit when I come over for meetings related to the remodel of my new lab. Now, I am sitting in my very own OFFICE!! There are doors, windows everything.

Sitting in my new office, I realize it is very quiet. No lab peeps yet. Then, all of the sudden an Emeritus Prof stops by. He wants to talk, mostly about his research but also because he wants to take over part of my cold room. First of all, I haven't even started yet officially. And this old guy is coming by for a land-grab?! I am able to divert him and keep all my promised space by arguing that I would have to "clear" it with the Dept. Chair. That is when I realize one danger of the office. There is no escape. I will have to work on that.

I realize the second danger when all of the sudden I am filling out paperwork and working on budgets. Wait a second, I'm technically still a postdoc. How am I already not doing experiments???? Sigh.

I'm going to need another cup of coffee.

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>Since I'm new here...

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>I know that it is 2010, and there is really no excuse. But I just started looking at blogs a few days ago. Imagine my surprise when I discovered all the useful and interesting information floating about! Anywho, I clearly missed out on a lot of great conversations. SO, just to put it out there this is where I come down on a topic that I have stumbled across on several different blogs: I LOVE my postdoc. I am sad that it is ending, even as I am super-excited to be starting up my own lab. I am sure that there are a lot of unfortunate postdocs out there. But mine was fantastic. I got a chance to learn a lot from some really smart people in a great place. I got to learn to be independent and do science, but without having to deal with all (or at least most) of the stupid politics and red tape. Grad school, on the other hand, wasn't such a utopia. I'm sure I'll get back to that later. My postdoc gave me a safe place to do some really fun science, and my advisor always treated me with respect as a colleague and was concerned with making my career successful. As I move to the other side of the desk, I am determined to act in the same manner. I am sure this will be more difficult as a newbie than for the tenured superstar I work for now.

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>Hi. I'm new to writing a blog but I have been reading a lot recently. Sorry about the not commenting so much yet. I will be working on that. Right now, I'm a postdoc in a Major Research Institute, and I recently landed a TT job at a R1 Big State University. Already my transition to a PI (primary investigator) has been really eye-opening and is starting to get a little overwhelming. And I HAVEN'T ACTUALLY STARTED YET. This might get interesting.

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