This is my own personal blog. The opinions expressed here (excluding comments by others) are mine and mine alone. My opinions are biased and I may have (real or perceived) conflicts of interest. Okay, I do. Because i have higher cortical function. They do not reflect the views or policies of previous or current employers or funding agencies. Unless they could be construed in such a way as to get me more funding. In which case, they do.

I LOVE comments and IPAs ....please leave them! Everyone is welcome to join in, but don't act like an idiot (read: ass). I don't want to moderate comments, or have to stop this car and make your father turn around, so don't make me. I will delete spam, and edit or delete comments with derogatory or threatening comments if they appear (of course none of you would do such a thing!). I will try to indicate when moderating has occurred. Repeat offenders may be blacklisted and burned in effigy until such a time as they can be located and burned at the stake.

I often write about my experiences as junior faculty member. This whole trip is new to me, so don't take me too seriously. I may give out advice, but be warned: it probably sucks. Take said advice at your own risk. Also, I am not a medical doctor. If you have some weird "thing" somewhere I don't want to know about it.

If you would like to contact me, find me on twitter or google-mail me at primaryinvestigator. I reserve the right to use emails as fodder for blog posts, especially if I find them entertaining. Which is to say you are particularly ridiculous. I will make (what I consider) reasonable efforts to remove identifying information unless you send a gross picture in which case, I will post your IP address.

The picture in my banner is from the 1989 World Veterans Women's Steeple Chase. The photo was taken originally by James Field, and I found it at www.steeplechics.com

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