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Jul 18 2011

Emily is right! Quit using "gay" as a slur, FFS.

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EVERYONE should go read this fantastic post by Emily Hauser. Like right now.

It has really been bothering me about how easy it has seemed for people to ridicule Marcus Bachmann. Because he is clearly "gay" and therefore a hypocrite. But all the pointing and laughing seems to me that it is a predicated, at least partly, on the fact that it is "wrong" to be gay. WTF, people. Here, Emily says it better than me:

However, when society at large starts to giggle at a man’s lisp, or limp-wristed dance moves, even if it’s in an effort to point out possible hypocrisy — even if it’s in an effort to point out pernicious, dangerous hypocrisy in a politically powerful figure — we are not helping to solve the problem. We are, in fact, perpetuating it.

Maybe he is gay, maybe he is not. All I know for sure is he is a hateful idiot. But can we please get past using gay as a fucking slur?

Seriously, go read the whole post, it is awesome. Also, if you are on twitter and you don't follow @emilyhauser you are missing out.


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Oct 26 2012

We did it!! YOU GUYS ROCK!

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You. Guys. Kick. Ass. The project that I picked out for National Chemistry week (Balanced Meals and Equations in the Chemistry Lab) is FUNDED! You guys are so awesome that it wasn't enough to finish that, though. We also completed "New Supplies for  a Music Class". YAY!! 🙂 Seriously, we have already reached 451 students. Four. Hundred. Fifty. One. Holy crap. Thank you to everyone that has donated to my giving page. Let's keep the momentum going, waddayasay? There are still a LOT of projects that are open, so if you haven't gotten around to it go over there now. One of my favorites is "Hatching Chickens". It is exactly what it sounds like! How awesome would it be to hatch some chickens? I wish I could have done this when I was a kid. I've also picked a few projects for the more pragmatic among us - classrooms that need basic supplies. Really, it is a travesty that teachers have to try to work without this stuff. So get over there and help some kids. For SCIENCE!!

The Heroes (you know you want to join this list!):
Jeremy Yoder
Janet Stemwedel
Julie M.
Olivia S.
Emily Hauser


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Dec 31 2011

I can't complain

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OK, that's a lie. I could complain. But I shouldn't, and I won't. 2011 was pretty good for me. I moved my blog over here to Scientopia, which has been great. I've gotten to know some really awesome folks. And also Genomic Repairman. We've had a lot of fun here! At least, I hope it was fun for you, because mostly you all held my hand and helped me get through another year on the tenure track. I got support when my postdoc PI cut the apron strings, we worked together to develop some questions for a qualifying exam, you helping me learn to say "NO" (it's a work in progress) and listened to my rants. I tried my hand at research blogging. And in another sign of awesome, you guys also totally KICKED ASS with the Donor's Choose drive this year: 18 of you donated $480, reaching 1195 students. NICE!

One of my favorite posts of the year was where I handed out tips about talking to non-scientists (which I still argue is a fantastic way to get better at talking to scientists, too). But, based on stats the posts that you guys liked most were "for the new graduate students" (there was a feisty discussion in the comments), "did I just get dumped?" (the apron strings ref above) and "I gay wrote this post" (a little essay about being out as a lesbian).

I had a pretty good year IRL, too! The Gerty Lab is up and running. I put in an NSF grant, got awarded a nice fancy "beauty pageant award", got a new science tattoo, and I'm working on my first R01. I have peeps in the lab, and they are really getting the hang of this. We are gonna crank out some cool shit in 2012. #GRAR 🙂

I have really enjoyed getting to know you all, here and on twitter. I pretty much founded a "Emily Hauser fan club". We had some fun with hastags (#drunksci, anyone? and how awesome was #zestycootermarinade), and just like @mbeisen, I learned about #FWDAOTI. I am looking forward to a great 2012, and hope to talk to you all a lot more then!

In case you missed it, there have been a couple of awesome things in the past week or so. I am going to sign off for 2011 with one them, which I think is one of the most awesome pictures of the year (and therefore totally appropriate to post twice in two weeks): the happy ending of DADT.

Photograph: Brian J. Clark/AP

Happy New Year!

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Nov 30 2011

Ripped from the headlines!!

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I am in the midst of writing an R01, and I am struggling. Because this grant really, apparently, wants to be TWO grants. But I don't think I should submit two applications this go-around. I'm afraid that I won't do as good of a job as if I focus all my energy on just one. I have spend the last hour or two typing and erasing to try to cut through what is floating around in my head. In doing this, I am basically writing rough drafts of the Aims pages for both. Then I will run them by folks to see which seems to resonate the best. All I can say is that I am very lucky to have many folks that are willing to let me bounce ideas off of them. And that is awesome.

But, of course, none of that is "Ripped from the headlines". No. But a little bit ago I got a little distracted from my grant and started clicking around on the internet. And I ran across a couple of things that I want to share (in the hopes this will clear out a little of the clutter in my head right now).

1. Have I mentioned that Emily Hauser is pretty kick ass? I thought so. In case you haven't started reading her blog, go over there now. She has a super breakdown of how treating adultery the same as sexual harrasment/assault contribute to rape culture. Excellent stuff, as usual.

2. If you have a friend that is LGBT/Q, you have already seen these two videos. But they are AWESOME. If you wanna feel good about people, watch them.

Zach Walls, son of a lesbian couple, speaks to the OH IOWA legislature

The best ad ever for marriage equality

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Sep 15 2011

I wrote this post like a girl

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Holy crap, but Emily Hauser has hit it out of the park again. Everyone needs to go read her post about the phrase "like a girl". I think she summed it up best last night on the twitter:

As a person trying to raise a little girl (and being a grown-up girl myself), I ABSOLUTELY FUCKING HATE this stupid phrase. It is one of the insidious ways that our culture makes it clear that females are not quite so great as the males. There are no examples of when doing something "like a girl" is a compliment. This shit phrase, and the ability to throw it around in our culture without thinking about it, lays the foundation for other, less-subtle examples: "too pretty for homework" school wear (OH FOR FUCKS SAKE) and "hazing" of major league baseball pitchers by making them wear little girl's backpacks. (THE HORROR!)

If only there were more guys like the Sedin brothers. In response to an idiot announcer referring to them as "Thelma and Louise" during the playoffs last year, this was their response:

"I don't know how he looks at women. I would be pretty mad if I was a woman."


Fuck yeah.

So, if you haven't yet- click over to Emily's place to read her (much more eloquent) take on what it means to be "like a girl". Let's rid the vernacular of this idiotic phrase, so that hopefully when Mini-G is older she doesn't have to hear this shit every day.

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