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I play Pokemon Go - I find it entertaining. Those little critters are hilarious and adorable. For example, did you see the hilarious assessments of The Bloggess' renamed pokemon??

Anyway, last night a friend showed me this website, where you can calculate the IV values of your pokemon and predict how they will evolve, etc. I'm in trouble now.

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  • Pascale says:

    This is why I have not downloaded this game. I figure my only winning move is not to play...

  • babyattachmode says:

    For me the biggest time suck is explaining my 5 yo that it would be better to save stardust and caterpie candy to evolve our metapod than to spend it on evolving another caterpie. I even drew this on a piece of paper to try to convince him. He decided he didn't want to wait and evolved another caterpie. Wait, did I just enter into a cognitive psychology experiment on the development of impulsivity in toddlers?

    • gerty-z says:

      Ha! I've had a very similar conversation with Twig, but I was able to convince her. Apparently delayed gratification develops sometime between 5 and 9?

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