Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse...

Mar 13 2013 Published by under queer, venting

OMG you guys. O M F G. I thought that I couldn't be surprised by stupid, homophobic things said out loud anymore. BUT...BUT...THIS IS JUST SO FUCKED UP THAT IT IS BLOWING MY MIND.

You may remember that in Minnesota there is an on-going debate about marriage equality. The voters actually became the first to reject a constitutional amendment against marriage equality (YAY, MN!). And now the Minnesota State Legislatures have even advanced a bill legalizing marriage equality! Holy progress, Batman!

And that is where shit gets fucked up. In a public hearing on the marriage equality bill, a "concerned father" decided to "enlighten" the lawmakers on what actually happens when TEH GEYS get married. And guys...I hope you are sitting down. Because, well...THIS dude is out of his fucking mind. Seriously. See for yourself, if you are drunk brave enough to watch.

I...just...but...OH FOR FUCK SAKE. You can read a transcript of this dude's fucked-up-beyond-belief testimony here.

There is too much stupid here to unpack it all. But holy fuck. The dude seems to think it is a big shock to the legislatures that gays have sex. FOR REAL. And he is really freaked out about this idea of "ejaculation inside the colon". Not to mention the fact that he clearly doesn't have the faintest idea of what an enzymes are, not to mention how they are different from viruses (like HIV, which causes AIDS) and bacteria (which you treat with antibiotics). Way to take stupidity + homophobia to a whole 'nother level, dude.

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  • JaySeeDub says:

    I watched this with horror yesterday. And...uhhh. Let's just say my "best friend" (as Bam calls him) and I were wondering if we somehow got high together, or if the dude was legit. On second viewing, I'm still wondering if I didn't get high without knowing it.

    ...is this coherent? Or am I high?

  • gingerest says:

    This guy's elementary school science teacher is dying of shame. Frey's like a the live testimony version of an internet urban legend. I bet he's the guy who forwards that thing about getting breast cancer from deodorant and bras. Gross.

    ( " "best friend" (as Bam calls him)" ? your penis? your dog? your boyfriend? your PI? So many possibilities. You and he aren't hallucinating, though. I mean, if this is all you're seeing.)

  • EMG says:

    Wow. Uh. More basic science in schools?

  • "When there is ejaculation into a vagina, there is a barrier there — as in your packet it states there — of a cellular tissue that doesn't allow the sperm, that has an enzyme at the head of it, to penetrate the blood flow."

    Clearly deranged nonsense. But the confident delivery? The cognitive dissonance hurts.

  • dr24hours says:

    I'm the first to admit I don't usnderstand biology. I got Cs in high school bio. Never took it in college. And even I could peg that as bullshit from 1,000 yards.

  • Yoder says:

    So it turns out that when they hold a hearing in our state legislature, anyone who wants to can show up and testify. At least, that's the best explanation I can come up with.

    Personally, I kinda wish that the pro-equality campaign would just send a link to the video to every on-the-fence legislator, with the subject line: "If you vote no, you're on this guy's team."

  • DrLizzyMoore says:

    If this Grade A Idiot is The Spokesperson for anti-marriage equality, what is the pro-marriage equality camp worried about? Seriously. And I agree with Yoder--blow this guy up and make a point.

    These idiot conservatives want less government, but only for straight white men. If you are LGBT and/or have a uterus (and heaven help us) not white, you can not be trusted with your own health and well being. Thank goodness for all of these HIGHLY enlightened evangelical assholes to show us the way. I have to think that even Jesus would be embarrassed....

    I'm offended that non of the legislators challenged his poor understanding of basic science....of course, they might have just wanted him to shut up......

  • bam294 says:

    You accidentally said 'queer' in the title. I think it's 'questioning. Trust me. A psychologist told me. #YoureWelcome
    BTW, who IS this guy??

  • Susan says:

    Awww, I feel sorry for this guy. Imagine going through life that wildly stupid and bigoted. That's gotta be painful!

  • Sxydocma1 says:

    I could not watch video - I had to read transcript. I wonder if this guy is going to give up blow jobs. Because, according to MN sodomy laws, it's not right.

  • becca says:

    You know, whether heterosexual sex causes more healthcare expenses than homosexual sex is an empirical question. Given the expenses of childbirth, I'm guessing an occasional syphilis outbreak concentrated (but not exclusively) in men who have sex with men is not enough to even things out. HIV might have tipped the scales once, but since it's increasing much faster among straights than gays, no dice now.

    Therefore, just as we all have a moral imperative to minimize our risk of obesity by not drinking soda, and a moral imperative to minimize our risk of lung cancer by not smoking, we probably have a moral imperative to have homosexual sex. Particularly women.

  • Please tell me the video was a joke. Please. Nobody could be that stupid. Surely.

  • The correlation between wanting to restrict other people's marriages and having no earthly idea how human bodies work is strong enough that I'm thinking we can posit a causal link ... but in which direction? Do these yahoos emerge because sex ed and proper biology instruction have been gutted (to respect religious sensibilities or whatever)? Or do these yahoos gut sex ed and proper biology instruction in the hopes of creating a population who will be persuaded by their "biological" "arguments" against gay marriage?

  • Unfuckenbelievable. (Well, all too believable from a disgusting filthy right-wing piece of shitte.) And here's another genius right-wing fuckebagge piece of human filth who thinks that Rosa Parks was fighting against the federal government for interfering with state's rights:


    Can we just let these despicable scum secede already and live in their deranged fantasy world and leave decent human beings alone?

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