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I'm pretty lucky. I don't have to face homophobes in person much. But OMFG. I read this and...just...I threw up a little, TBH. What the fuck is wrong with people??!

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  • Spiny Norman says:

    I got out of the boat. NEVERGETOUTOFTHEFUCKINGBOAT. Sweet Jeebus. I suppose it's useful to remind oneself that Westboro Baptist is not an anomaly.

  • Comradde PhysioProffe says:

    These right wing republican scum are an unmitigated blight on the United States. Their moral depravity descends directly from the Confederacy, and as long as they continue to be granted political legitimacy by the "both sides do it" asshole mainstream media, we will never be rid of their foul hateful destructive influence.

  • DrLizzyMoore says:

    Let us all keep in mind that folks like these assholes are the same ones who can justify BOMBING an abortion clinic to SAVE lives....logic, truth, HUMANITY have never been their strong suits.

    I sincerely worry about the spawn of these nutjobs. My hope is that they go away to college and get a swift kick in the ass if they continue to think like hateful ignorant whackaloons.

  • Spiny Norman says:

    CPP: Not just from the confederacy. Puritans colonized New England (I know we both love Melville, but read his pal Hawthorne's stuff for a change of pace), and were notable for both their misogynistic and genocidal tendencies.

  • No, you are wrong. All this "states rights" anti-tax pro-gun anti-federal government shitte is 100% neo-confederate white christian racist homophobic misogynist theocracy. If you want to argue that the confederacy itself is some kind of descendant of puritanism, knock yourself out, but there is no independent intellectual path from the puritans to the modern republican party that doesn't flow through the confederacy.

  • Zuska says:

    Gerty: as an antidote, may I recommend: Sin, Sex, and Democracy: Antigay Rhetoric and the Christian Right.

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