Things that break your heart

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I have a daughter, and so reading this article made me so sad. I hope that we can all work to make sure that little girls don't feel so limited.

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  • becca says:

    I vaguely recall some longitudinal look at preschoolers that go through vigilant gender policing phases... seems to me they actually came out with more relaxed roles as adults.

    So while on one level it's sad, there are a lot of other things that worry me more.

  • sara says:

    I agree, I was obsessed with pink/dresses/sparkles as a girl, and still grew up believing that I could do anything I wanted (and now I hate to wear dresses/heals/anything I can't run a triathlon in).

    I see it in my girls now -- I think they like to ascribe rules to things they see to make sense of the world and make it a little less unpredictable, especially at the preschool age.

    I'd worry MUCH more if this were a teenager or adult!

  • DJMH says:

    It's a sad little incident, but I would seriously hate for anyone to judge my parenting based on witnessing one episode of the highly-fraught pick-up time. The kid in the story is the same age as my son, and I can testify that within the last six months, many of the kids in his cohort have become a LOT more interested in gender judgments, and their play time has become much more gender-segregated--because, honestly, the boys are mostly into trucks and dinosaurs, and the girls are mostly into babies and drawing. Whether one ascribes this to nature or nurture is almost irrelevant--it's happening big time at this age.

    The foot stomping is not so good, and should definitely be addressed, but again is perfectly in line with act-up behavior from that age group. My kid is apparently a total angel at school, and then as soon as I pick him up he starts screaming, often trying to hit me, etc etc. They're just not real happy about their lack of control over their world.

    I notice that in no point in that anecdote did any grownup squat down and ask the little girl *why* she thought army uniforms were only for boys. Might've been an interesting response.

  • DrLizzyMoore says:

    Let's hope the little girl gets the message-that a woman can do and be whatever she wants to be....

    Happily, the little girl of the Army Mom is getting that message loud and clear everyday.

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