Fuck yeah HOCKEY!!! The #vwxpool update

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I know there isn't a full season this year (fucking-A, NHL. 🙁 ) Nevertheless, there is hockey, and though I don't have so much time to watch because teaching/life/etc *cough*FML*cough* that doesn't stop me from playing in the super awesome fantasy pool led up by Cath Ennis. Sadly, it does limit my success in said pool. sigh. Nevertheless, I present to you today the much-awaited WEEK FOUR UPDATE!

hockeyI had a super-shitty week, but managed to stay in the middle-ish of the pack. Sugar Scientist is still kicking ass, but hot on her heels are the dynamic duo of Mod Scientist and Lava. OMG the suspense! Bam294 and Genomic Repairman are still fighting it out in the gutter, as you might expect.



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  • AmasianV says:

    damn, I want in.

  • chall says:

    Great update! Thanks!!

    well, I'm not surprised I'm falling towards the gutter to have an old-school mud fight..... darn my little "pick the swedes romanticism"...

    at least the Leafs are doing well - too bad they're in the BEST division so.... that still leaves them in the spot 7.... there's hope I guess?!

  • Thanks Gerty!

    I'm happy to be moving ever so slowly up the rankings after a disastrous start! It's going to be hard to keep up to Sugar Scientist when we seem to be using extremely similar strategies, though - we seem to have have very similar teams every week!

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