We did it!! YOU GUYS ROCK!

Oct 26 2012 Published by under awesomeness

You. Guys. Kick. Ass. The project that I picked out for National Chemistry week (Balanced Meals and Equations in the Chemistry Lab) is FUNDED! You guys are so awesome that it wasn't enough to finish that, though. We also completed "New Supplies for  a Music Class". YAY!! 🙂 Seriously, we have already reached 451 students. Four. Hundred. Fifty. One. Holy crap. Thank you to everyone that has donated to my giving page. Let's keep the momentum going, waddayasay? There are still a LOT of projects that are open, so if you haven't gotten around to it go over there now. One of my favorites is "Hatching Chickens". It is exactly what it sounds like! How awesome would it be to hatch some chickens? I wish I could have done this when I was a kid. I've also picked a few projects for the more pragmatic among us - classrooms that need basic supplies. Really, it is a travesty that teachers have to try to work without this stuff. So get over there and help some kids. For SCIENCE!!

The Heroes (you know you want to join this list!):
Jeremy Yoder
Janet Stemwedel
Julie M.
Olivia S.
Emily Hauser


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