Ch. 2: And the Poultry is Vanquished

Oct 06 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

Last night, we heard Chapter 2 of Drug Monkey's Twitter bed time story. A continuation of Chapter 1: Terror in the Land of Romnin.

I had to know: what's a splort?

I did not know that.

At this point, Becca really wanted to hear about the Bears. And Pascale wondered if we were going to wander into  on of the fabled Fucking Care Bear Tea Parties. But apparently, no.

I love happy endings...but then things got exciting!


DM kindly skipped the violent bits, so that I wouldn't have trouble sleeping.

OK. I did not see that coming.

QR Gertzin has an awesome job. I can't wait for the investigation!

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  • Isabel says:

    wtf? Hey asshole, now I am some kind of sport for you too, Gertyz? Because I *alone around here* stand up for the young, black and brown victims of the drug war? Yeah, totally "insane" of me. Fuck you. Where is your support for the millions arrested and their derailed futures? How ignorant can a person like you, who wears her oppression proudly, be about someone else's oppression?

    • drugmonkey says:

      Isabel! FFS! You were the hero who did in the Enormous Chicken with some fancy diving lance work off the roof!!!

      Unfortunately I had to elide the gory bits...

      • Isabel says:

        The drug war in hilarious, isn't it? Only an "insane" person like me would care about its victims, or about lower class white people. Rational people like Gerty-z and Drugmonkey are totally cool with the drug war and non-stop mockery of poor whites. Yep.

        • drugmonkey says:

          It is just a story Isabel. Geez.

        • gerty-z says:

          Seriously, you're just trolling now, right? It's a twitter bedtime chapter book story...not a commentary on anything related to drugs.

          • Isabel says:

            Right. My main battle with DrugMonkey is over the drug war, and you are spreading the idea that I am an insane, distracted pothead. It's just a funny story. yeah, we've all heard that one before, Gerty.

            So do tell, why is it that you never speak out against the greatest source of injustice occurring presently in our society? Like DM you see it as i big joke, don't you?

          • Isabel says:

            And trolling? I was publicly mocked in your stupid story- and complaining about it is "trolling"?

            Yes, only gay rights matter to you, since you are gay. Yeah makes sense. You use approved drugs, so kids in jail, with derailed futures, and a growing police state, etc is cool with you.

          • Isabel says:

            "on anything related to drugs."

            also don't lie. It is right in the story. I am a tad slow after stepping outside for "air" huh? I'm dying to hear your non-drug related interpretation.

  • becca says:

    For the record, Becca the Sharp is also a wizard, and the enormous chicken was a much more intimidating and evil republi-demon before she turned it into a chicken that could be stabbed to death. Also, that it's not possible to produce a splort in a properly maintained road, but that years of neglect of road maintenance was the inevitable sad result of the Royal Consort Mittens sponging tax dollars to pay for pretty ponies.

  • Namnezia says:

    I hope it wasn't my chicken.

  • CoR says:

    I step away from the twitterz for one night, and look what I miss!

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