Staying out of the fray

Aug 02 2012 Published by under queer, Uncategorized

OK, one more. I'm a little worked up over the whole thing.

I know that some people are avoiding the whole Chick-Fil-A thing. These are generally good people. They didn't go to CFA yesterday, and generally support their gay friends. But they are being silent on the whole issue. Not posting/tweeting about it. Just ignoring the whole thing. Because they only eat at CFA a few times a year anyway, so it's not that big a deal. Not worth getting into those arguments. I get it. It can be exhausting to argue with people about these things. But right now we need allies. This is why I <3 Dr. Isis so very much. Just realize, that your silence means something, too. I refer you once again to the excellent post at Owldolatrous Productions (Srsly, go read it. Then tweet it, share it, etc.).

But what are you guilty of? When you see a bully beating up a smaller kid and you don’t take a side, then you ARE taking a side. You’re siding with the bully. And when you cheer him on, you’re revealing something about your own character that really is a shame.



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