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Jun 19 2012 Published by under hilarity

I am working on Part 3 of Gerty goes to study section. But in the mean time, I was amused by how some of you are finding your way here. These are the top search terms that led to this blog, according to my WordPress stats page:

"big fuck" this is the most common search term. I assume that you were looking for something kind of different, but welcome!

"grad student nothing to do between exper" I am thinking that ended with "experiments". Well, grad student. My mom always used to say "If you are bored, I can find something for you to do!" You could be doing some reading. Or catch up your lab notebook. Clean up your bench. Just some ideas.

"fabric poster for conference" They are awesome

"what you should be learning in your post" I'll guess this ended with "post-doc". I have written a post about being a new postdoc. But in the long-term, you should be learning what you need for the next stage in your career. And developing a Plan B (and maybe C) for if that scenario doesn't work out. I hope that you found something useful here! If not, drop me a comment/email about what you were looking for. I'm always looking for blog inspiration.

"i don't like my postdoc" sorry. Maybe you should consider moving on?

"women of lbeby free". huh. were you looking for this?

"run4p" and "running challenge".  Welcome runners! Hope you are having fun and enjoying the daily workout 🙂

"no, but really," Yes. This.

"fuck bigers" I don't even want to know.

If you are looking for something to do, also please consider contributing to the Diversity in Science Carnival: PRIDE edition! We've already seen some good entries, from an anonymous ally and BabyAttachMode. I would love to have you all join in 😀

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