Announcing Diversity in Science Carnival: PRIDE EDITION!

Jun 13 2012 Published by under queer

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Did you know that June is the official Pride Month? Well, it is!  Pride is a time to increase the visibility of our LGBT/queer community. It is also a time for everyone to take a stand against discrimination and violence against anyone based on their sexual orientation (or perceived sexual orientation).



This year, I have the great honor of hosting the Diversity in Science Carnival for Pride. Last year, Jeremy over at Denim and Tweed did a fantastic job of highlighting some of the awesome queer scientists out there. I have some big shoes to fill! This year, I want to focus on queer advocacy. There are a lot of queer issues that have been in the news recently. We have seen the demise of Don't Ask Don't Tell, and a federal judge ruled DOMA unconstitutional. Vice President Biden and then President Obama voiced support for marriage equality, and the NAACP followed. But there have been setbacks, too. The North Carolina constitution was amended by a majority vote. Now, in North Carolina the constitution not only rules out same-sex couples from being married but it also prevents civil recognition for any "domestic legal union". Not only will the Democratic National Convention be in North Carolina this year, but our very own Science Online UnConference is hosted there. This is just one example of an issue that impacts my life, every day. I can't legally marry my wife and this has all sorts of consequences.

So I hereby invite you, YES YOU, to join in the Pride Carnival this year. Whether you are one of us queer scientists, an active ally, or a person who realizes that they have queer friends and/or family members that they care about. What does queer advocacy mean to you? What works? How do these issues change your life as a scientist? Submit you entries for the carnival here. If you blog, write a post and submit the link. If you don't blog you can leave a message on the form or drop me an email primaryinvestigator[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll make sure your input is included (if you email I will assume you want to post anonymously unless you state otherwise).

Deadline is June 25, so let's get going!



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