The #run4p challenge lineup

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Welcome to all the twitter/bloggy peeps that are running the Runners World Summer Challenge! See the post yesterday for the basic idea. Basically, you run at least 1 mile every day from Memorial Day until July 4. We've made it one day, and here is how it worked out*. Here is the list of participants and whether they ran today or are gonna be clicking on some links from the ever-disgusting @vonoberst. We have quite a group on board! If you are supposed to be on the list and aren't let me know. If you are on the list and wanna bail, then too bad!

@bam294 (VP of punishment): YES
@gertyz (ME! VP of blogging updates): YES, twice
@scitrigrrl (the originator!): YES
@cackleofrad: YEP, ftw
@palmd: YES
@Dr24hours: YES
@GLEthnohistory: YES
@rimRK: YES
@donovanable: YES
@aetiology: YES
@scicurious: YES
@geeka: YES
@dave_bridges: YES
@_modscientist_: YES
@PeteStipher: YES
@greggstanwood: YES
@johnvmclaughlin: YES
@amyMPalubinsky: YES
@fiainros: YES
@sciencegurlsz0: YES
@scientistmother: YES
Megan (do you have a twitter??)

YOU GUYS! WE TOTALLY KICK ASS! Everyone made it safely through the first day 😀

Some of you may be on Fitocracy. I always forget to go over there, but I started a group there for this (I'm gerty-z), so I'll update for myself there. Also, you may notice that I've shortened the hashtag to #run4p. I don't have time to write out the whole damn thing. Whatev.

Everyone check in on twitter (w/ #run4p) or Fitocracy when you run, so there is evidence of compliance if you are called upon. Or else...


*I am NOT gonna check in on y'all daily! I got shit to do.


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