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Tonight on twitter, @scitrigrrl mentioned that she was joining in on the Runner's World Summer Running Streak challenge. Starting today (unless you are in your office w/o a running bra*), you have to run at least 1 mile EVERY DAY until July 4. A lot of tweeps decided to join in, but to make it @bam294 suggested that we up the ante. If you decide to join in but then bail on a daily run you have to open all the links tweeted by @vonoberst  for a WEEK.

Follow along for bragging, trash talking, and the horror of @vonoberst punishment links with the #run4parasite tag.

Here is the list of of participants, from what I can follow on my timeline:

Everyone else is welcome to join in, and feel free to use the comment section to update on status and taunt anyone that is suffering the JCW link punishments for missing a day!




*but the you have to run 2x on May 29 to make up for it. After that, no skipping.

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