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Mar 24 2012 Published by under gender

I few days ago, while ranting about discussing the hostile attitude toward women in the current political environment, I raised up the idea that we should consider a 19th amendment solution to this problem. I know this will come as a shock. Really. But other people had the same idea! And even better they followed up and started a whole twitter-hash-tag thing that is getting some attention!! The idea is that we don't have to just sit here when some idiot says something ridiculous. What we need to do is get out there and VOTE so that the idiots don't have a platform anymore. That's right...let's vote the misogynist fuck knuckles out of office. WOO HOO!

You can learn more about the #usethe19th campaign by checking out the twitter or facebook. And join in by adding the #usethe19th hashtag when you tweet (yet another) example of stupid legislation or idiot rhetoric. Good times!


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  • Jen Deaderick says:

    Thanks so much for this! Glad to have you on board!

  • john says:

    Come on, don't let yourself be a tool of the left.

    You well know this is a political argument, frought with purposeful misunderstandings, intended by the Obama campaign to rev up the base.

    Sometimes I think life scientists are among the most fooled by politics because experimental data is honest. We may not understand what it means, but it doesn't intentionally mislead us. Incorrect interpretations are our fault. It is not good training for politics, which is about distorting statements to effect (well demonstrated by the left and right) .

    But if you are going to get worked up, get worked up about real concerns, not this fanciful notion that the republican candidates are out to limit women's freedom. That's just freaking stupid. And this iscoming from an obama voter. I just hate the bullshit.

    • gerty-z says:

      John, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to help poor, uninformed me with understanding politics. I'm glad to hear that all the bills introduced into state legislatures to limit access to birth control, reduce access to abortion, and allow/require doctors to lie to women about their medical condition are so harmless. It is so hard for me, with my lady brain, to comprehend.

      • sdterp says:

        Yep, that's pretty much the tone I heard when I read his reply too...and I'm a guy. LOL All I know is that the party that pretty much across the board ran on a platform of "jobs, jobs, jobs" sure seems to be busy writing laws that limit the ability of women to regulate and control their own fertility...and, by default, making it pretty damn important to have a penis if you want to get anywhere in this life.

    • NatC says:

      Oh wait, you're serious?
      I'm glad there's a man around to reassure us womenz that no-one is trying to limit our freedom. Thank you for that.

    • tmbtx says:

      "intended by the Obama campaign to rev up the base."

      Seriously? The Obama campaign is making the GOP do thinks like mandatory ultrasounds? Or hold up the Violence Against Women Act? Or any of the other things Gerty mentioned?

      Or the guy who just said women suffering domestic abuse should think back to the reasons they married that wonderful guy in the first place?

      Yeah, Obama planted that guy to say that.

      Wake the hell up, the Republican War on Women is real and dates back, well, a very very long time.

    • odyssey says:

      I just hate the bullshit.

      So why did you type up a comment so full of it?

    • becca says:

      In fairness to john, the data on abortion access are pretty clear- plenty of Democratics are anti-woman misogynistic douchecanoes (Representative Tim Holden, I'm looking at you!) . It's just that most Republicans are RABID anti-woman misogynistic douchecanoes (Santorum... will never tell you he's out to limit women's freedom... indeed, he himself may think he does not want to limit women's freedoms. he'll just tell you he values women's choices to exert influence over the home sphere of children and families. The fact that this is exactly analogous to "not limiting women's freedoms to choose how they dress" but simply "valuing modesty" in some Muslim communities is something Santorum is oblivious to).

  • DrLizzyMoore says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for the info!!

  • DrugMonkey says:


    I love shit like this. Look dumbfuck, did it ever enter your head that the "left" is made up of people? Regular old folks, tax paying salt of the earth. I'm not a "tool" of the left you doofus, I AM the left. You may have dipshitted opinions about the war on women but I'm willing to credit them as your own. I don't need to accuse you of being a tool of Rush Limbaugh to know you are incorrect.

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