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Mar 11 2012 Published by under gender

There are a lot of folks complaining right now about the "lost hour" from daylight savings time. And tomorrow morning when my alarm goes off I will have the same thoughts.

But really there is something much worse going on. There is a group of d00ds out there that would like to turn the clock back more than just one hour. Way more. These fellows believe that women aren't smart enough to make good choices. State after state has been passing laws that dictate what information must be provided a woman before she gets an abortion. Even if she (and her doctor) don't think it is necessary. Even if the information requires an invasive exam, like a transvaginal ultrasound. It is no surprise that the GOP wants to make abortion illegal. But recently things have been getting really nasty. Not only are women not to be trusted to gather all the important information. But sometimes, us ladeez will make the wrong choice if do have the info. As Dr. Jen Gunter points out, there are already NINE states that have made it legal for doctors to lie to women.

What. The. Fuck.

Even though these d00ds - and they are almost ALL d00ds - are not only convinced that we can't make good choices after we get pregnant. They are also pretty sure that we shouldn't really get to choose whether or not we get pregnant. For reasons that I can't comprehend, the GOP has decided that birth control shouldn't be a thing. OH, and they also are not a fan of sex ed. Basically, they seem to think that everything would be OK if the wimmin would just quit bein so damn slutty. And they would probably like it if we would kindly retreat back into the kitchen to make them a sammich.

It is a little hard for me to believe that we are going to argue about whether or not women should be treated equally in society during the 2012 presidential election. I always thought that the heavy lifting (for this) was done by the women in my mom and grandmother's generations. Like many, I have called my congressional representatives to make sure that they know where I stand on this issue. And I've given some cash to planned parenthood and such.

Last week, after I re-tweeted a link to another news story about the latest way to make sure the ladeez were doin the right thing, Cackle of Rad wanted to know how she could join in to fight against this bullshit. I wish I knew the right answer. I feel like we are lacking a cohesive and powerful response to the fuck-knuckles that are pushing these stupid policies. We need to look back on how our mother's generation organized themselves, and learn from their success. But in the short term, we need a nineteenth amendment solution. Everyone that believes women should be treated as full and equal American citizens needs to get out this year and make sure that folks with these horrible viewpoints are not elected.


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  • bigbadproof says:

    "made it legal for doctors to lie to women."

    Although the first reaction would be "WHAT THE $@$!@ LEGISLATURE??", I thought afterwards that there are people who want to legalise the notion that "real is what I want to be real, no matter what science says".. (jn general)
    It is 2012... we should have woken up many years ago but nooooo.
    These things make me so sad.

  • Alyssa says:

    This is disgusting. I hope everyone can rally against this BS.

  • Yoder says:

    "Nineteenth Amendment solution" = brilliant. I want that on a bumper sticker.

  • DrLizzyMoore says:


    I actually had a terrifying thought last night, that the next step would be to repeal the 19th Amendment. It's time to be done with the shock of actually having to have these conversations in 2012. These assholes need to be reminded that we wommenz VOTE.

    If you have never been vocal during an election before, then do something simple like get a yard sign. More? Call and write your delegates. Go to these famed town hall meetings with FACTS and unemotionally (as much as you can muster-) hand these ignorant fucktards their ass on a platter. Do itte!

  • Dan McD. says:

    You've heard of the ERA, right? ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equal_Rights_Amendment ) There's your 19th amendment right there. Even a Roberts court would be hard-pressed to hold up mandatory-ultrasound laws in the face of such an amendment. Pity it died around the time the Moral Majority took hold and stole the Republican Party out from its moderate. (Bush the Elder, e.g., supported the ERA during the 1980 primaries, but lost to Moral-Majority-funded Reagan.)

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