Week 22 #vwxpool Hockey Update

Mar 04 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

This was not a good week for me, hockey pool-wise. It turns out I forgot to actually make my picks this week, because I was too busy finishing up things so I could head off to my island vacation. That explains why I got so few points this week*:

at least I was on a beach!

Cath, on the other hand really kicked ass this week! So much, in fact, that she has taken over first place in total points:

blah blah blah

Here, you can see it better by just looking at the last few weeks:

Scientist Mother had a great week, otherwise I might still be floating between the groups.

There are clearly a "top-3" and a group of the rest of us. FWIW, I'm totally still beating all the other not-winners. w00t! So there you go. This week I actually did make some new picks we'll see how that all works out. Sadly I won't be on a beach this time.


*that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


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  • I "forgot" to make picks for a few weeks there as well 🙂 looks like I'm catching up to you! Closed the gap to with in 10 and I'm ahead by a point 2 days into the week. Fingers crossed I'm back on the upswing.

  • Thanks for hosting!

    It's good to be back on top, but I fear it may be temporary - Mod and Ricardipus are both having strong weeks so far.

    Is it just me or does this seem more exciting than in previous years? More players and more frequent changes in position than ever before!

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