I can't complain

Dec 31 2011 Published by under awesomeness

OK, that's a lie. I could complain. But I shouldn't, and I won't. 2011 was pretty good for me. I moved my blog over here to Scientopia, which has been great. I've gotten to know some really awesome folks. And also Genomic Repairman. We've had a lot of fun here! At least, I hope it was fun for you, because mostly you all held my hand and helped me get through another year on the tenure track. I got support when my postdoc PI cut the apron strings, we worked together to develop some questions for a qualifying exam, you helping me learn to say "NO" (it's a work in progress) and listened to my rants. I tried my hand at research blogging. And in another sign of awesome, you guys also totally KICKED ASS with the Donor's Choose drive this year: 18 of you donated $480, reaching 1195 students. NICE!

One of my favorite posts of the year was where I handed out tips about talking to non-scientists (which I still argue is a fantastic way to get better at talking to scientists, too). But, based on stats the posts that you guys liked most were "for the new graduate students" (there was a feisty discussion in the comments), "did I just get dumped?" (the apron strings ref above) and "I gay wrote this post" (a little essay about being out as a lesbian).

I had a pretty good year IRL, too! The Gerty Lab is up and running. I put in an NSF grant, got awarded a nice fancy "beauty pageant award", got a new science tattoo, and I'm working on my first R01. I have peeps in the lab, and they are really getting the hang of this. We are gonna crank out some cool shit in 2012. #GRAR 🙂

I have really enjoyed getting to know you all, here and on twitter. I pretty much founded a "Emily Hauser fan club". We had some fun with hastags (#drunksci, anyone? and how awesome was #zestycootermarinade), and just like @mbeisen, I learned about #FWDAOTI. I am looking forward to a great 2012, and hope to talk to you all a lot more then!

In case you missed it, there have been a couple of awesome things in the past week or so. I am going to sign off for 2011 with one them, which I think is one of the most awesome pictures of the year (and therefore totally appropriate to post twice in two weeks): the happy ending of DADT.

Photograph: Brian J. Clark/AP

Happy New Year!

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