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I am in the midst of writing an R01, and I am struggling. Because this grant really, apparently, wants to be TWO grants. But I don't think I should submit two applications this go-around. I'm afraid that I won't do as good of a job as if I focus all my energy on just one. I have spend the last hour or two typing and erasing to try to cut through what is floating around in my head. In doing this, I am basically writing rough drafts of the Aims pages for both. Then I will run them by folks to see which seems to resonate the best. All I can say is that I am very lucky to have many folks that are willing to let me bounce ideas off of them. And that is awesome.

But, of course, none of that is "Ripped from the headlines". No. But a little bit ago I got a little distracted from my grant and started clicking around on the internet. And I ran across a couple of things that I want to share (in the hopes this will clear out a little of the clutter in my head right now).

1. Have I mentioned that Emily Hauser is pretty kick ass? I thought so. In case you haven't started reading her blog, go over there now. She has a super breakdown of how treating adultery the same as sexual harrasment/assault contribute to rape culture. Excellent stuff, as usual.

2. If you have a friend that is LGBT/Q, you have already seen these two videos. But they are AWESOME. If you wanna feel good about people, watch them.

Zach Walls, son of a lesbian couple, speaks to the OH IOWA legislature

The best ad ever for marriage equality

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  • Sorry to nitpick--but Zach Wahls, and he's from Iowa, not Ohio. (Or Idaho, which also is not the same state).

  • It is a very good sign that you recognize that what you've got is really at least two R01s. The single biggest and most common grantsmanship mistake made by n00bs is to propose an entire research program, and not a particular project. I can't tell you the number of times I've suggested to junior faculty after looking at their draft aims that each one is its own R01.

    As far as not submitting them simultaneously, that is a perfectly good idea. Regardless, what you absolutely *must* do is target them to two different study sections. As soon as you have the two specific aims pages, you should then look for two different study sections that can be targeted, adjust the verbiage of the aims to suit the focuses of those two different study sections, and then send the aims pages to the respective SROs, seeking confirmation that their study sections are the appropriate loci for their respective review. Once you get confirmation from the SROs that they agree that their study sections are appropriate, you can put this information in the respective cover letters requesting those assignments. I have never seen this fail in having the grant assigned to the desired study section.

  • DrLizzyMoore says:

    This is good stuff, Gert! Good stuff!

    FWIW, I'm having similar struggles with my first R01. So much so, that I'm staring at my aims like they are an alien with three eyeballs instead of aims. To stay productive, I'm working on my progress report....and staying off the twitterz, until my brain clears out a bit. It's entirely too easy for me to get distracted right now.

    I'm now printing out CPP's comment and pasting it to my computer monitor.....

    Good luck to you!

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