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Nov 19 2011 Published by under Uncategorized, venting

This has been a very crazy week, for a lot of un-bloggable (is that a word??) reasons. This has been weird because today I really felt like I wanted to put together a post here. Every time I tried, though, the un-bloggables would rise up again. Then I had the wonderful idea to google "the best thing on the internet". Don't do this. It is a giant waste of time, and also a little disturbing, even with safe search on.

NEVERTHELESS. I realize as I sit here in my office finishing up that I actually got a lot accomplished this last week. Since I can't think of anything better to say, I will brag here:

1. I finished the first (very rough) draft of my Specific Aims for the R01 I'm writing. Now I'm just a few rounds of editing away from sending it out to colleagues for feedback. (BTW: should you include references on the Specific Aims page?? Seriously, would love to hear rational for/against)

2. Today I submitted the first paper from MY LAB, and then had a beer with the two grad student authors. It not a big story, but still I feel good about this.

3. All of my grad students and eligible undergrads got their NSF GRFP submitted on time. Of course, now I have to write letters for them all.

4. Mini-G's birthday party for this weekend seems to be planned...knock on wood. Hopefully I will be able to survive the two-hour assault of the mini-friends.

5. My super rotation student has decided to join my lab.

6. I had a couple of really awesome meetings with senior BSD in MRU that I think will lead to some really cool collaborations.

7. In a week of both strange and tragic developments (the un-bloggables) I managed not to make anything worse (I think).

8. I'm not dead yet

All-in-all, not a bad week. So, now I am going to go to finally catch up (as much as I can) on some sleeping. Have a super weekend 🙂 Also, you should go wish Tiddles a happy initiation into the world of the wed. Congrats, dude!!

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  • physioprof says:

    [S]hould you include references on the Specific Aims page?

    Absolutely not. The reason is simple: no one ever does, and you want to stick with convention for your specific aims page.

  • ecogeofemme says:

    Congratulations on a productive week! Not knowing the unbloggable tragedies, it sounds like a damn fine week to me.

  • katiesci says:

    I hope the good outweighed the bad unbloggables. It sounds like there was a lot of good in the week!

  • proflikesubstance says:

    Congrats on the paper. Always a nice milestone.

  • physioprof says:

    BTW, feel free to send me your specific aims if you want comments.

  • physioprof says:

    "The Grant Application Writer's Workbook"

    You realize that this thing is totally useless, right?

    • gerty-z says:

      Yeah, it is chock-full of some really obvious points and some just weird shit. I'm happy it was a gift and I didn't actually spend $ on it, that is for sure.

  • DrugMonkey says:

    I don't agree that the GAWW is totally useless. It contains a lot of "obvious" stuff that is only obvious after you've learned to write grants. There are many quirks that run counter to my personal view on grant writing but I see different quirks in real live applications too. Opinions vary.

    I view the GAWW as one reference book among many sources a grant writer could use in learning to prepare good applications. It is not essential, not is it a guarantee to funding. But it is not "useless".

    • physioprof says:

      To the extent that it gives people the impression that they don't need any other advice or input on how to structure and write a grant application, it is *worse* than useless.

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