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Contagion is not a good date movie

Oct 02 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Once a month or so, Dr.Mrs.G and I pay a babysitter to hang out with Mini-G so that we can have a sanity- and relationship-saving "date night". In the last installment we stopped by a favorite small-plates restaurant for some cocktails and snacks, then decided to go catch a movie. I haven't been to a movie theater more than twice in the last year or two, so this seemed like a fun idea. Of course, neither of us really knew what might be playing, so we got a little stuck here. But as I sipped my ever-so-tasty cocktail (Campari, sweet vermouth and sparkling wine FTMFW!) I remembered the Contagion commercial with the poster-sized Petrie plates that were installed in Toronto (thanks, PLS!). I whipped out the iPhone, we found a theater and headed out. Yay date night!

The movie was pretty good. Some of the science was a little wacky, but the major focus on how society might deal with a pandemic virus was an entertaining story. When we were all filing out of the theater, I noticed something interesting. None of my fellow movie goers were touching the hand rail. Or each other. In the restroom, it seemed that hand washings were lasting a little longer than usual and more soap was being used.

Conclusion: my anecdotal observations suggest that if you want to get to touch your date without a shower or tub full of purell, this is not the best date movie for you. One caveat of this interpretation is that the observations were not continued after the subjects left the site, so it may very well be that the feeling of contamination could subside quickly. I almost want to go see it again at a different theater with different demographics.

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