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Just wanted to say thank you again to all the folks that contributed to Donors Choose during the Blogging Challenge this year. Since the last update, FOUR additional heroes stepped up and contributed to my Giving Page:

Alexandra K.
Amy S.
Sarah N.
Alishia J.

YOU ALL ROCK!!!!11!!!!1!!!!

But wait! There's more! This year, according to the Donors Choose Science Bloggers for Students home page, there was over $50K donatedby 696 super-awesome donors. HOLY CRAP, FOLKS! From those donation over 25K students are going to see a difference in their classrooms.


And I'm proud to be part of the Scientopia Bloggers team, which raised almost $8K, second only to Freethought Blogs (who raised over 25K! Go atheists!!). And, if you are keeping score (of course I'm not), here are some stats: There were 16 Donors to my Giving Page that gave a total of $285 (avg donation = $17.81). In the Scientopia community, Dr. Becca made an impressive effort to catch DrugMonkey in the all-important #donors stat, but alas fell short.

In the end, the students will be the winners. Yay SCIENCE!



PS: Some of you will get a certificate for your matching donations soon. So keep on eye out and when the email comes in, PLEASE go to Donors Choose and pick a project to spend it on. THIS IS FREE MONEY, folks. Let's make sure the kids see every last penny.

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  • Spiny Norman says:

    I act as if it's true... and yet, I know of some real monsters who constantly harsh on their trainees and in the end produce a lot of really successful students. I think this just shows that there is more than one successful management style. I do know which kind of boss I'd rather work for, and which kind I'd rather be....

  • [...] codes will arive via e-mail. How the match is calculated and issued to you is detailed here. As gerty-z says, “THIS IS FREE MONEY, folks. Let’s make sure the kids see every last penny.” [...]

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