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There is only a few hours left in the Donor's Choose challenge. THANK YOU if have already donated.

Here is the Heroes List so far (I left off last names in case of privacy concerns):

The Donors Choose Marketing Team
Teresa B.
Dr. Janet S.
Dr. Lizzy M
Anonymous 1
Amy S.
Anonymous 2
Anonymous 3
Anonymous 4
Katherine S.
Anonymous 5
Cyrena G.

YAY! I'm sure that only good things will happen to you this weekend. Who knows, perhaps the data fairy will visit????

DON'T BE LEFT OUT! There is still time to be a hero to kids out there by giving their teachers the resources they need to learn SCIENCE! These kids are the future! And if they don't learn science now, I might NEVER get my jetpack. Even more concerning (as brought up by @bam294), WE NEED SCIENCE TO BE PREPARED FOR THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

So give. Go now and do it. Or else you only have yourself to blame.

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