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Guess what?? I SAID NO TO BEING ON A COMMITTEE!!!! It would have been a really time-consuming service activity and a lot of work. I told my chair that I really needed to focus on my research and writing grants so I couldn't do it. AND  IT TOTALLY WORKED! And then, later I told a grad student that I couldn't be on their committee. YAY me!

You may recall that I have a problem with saying NO. Even though I know that I have to be more selfish with my time. A comment by johnhawks on Kate Clancy's super awesome post about the being a radical scholar that she wrote after the Purdue Conference for Pre-Tenure Women probably says it best:

1. Your need to have publications is an unlimited license to say no. Everyone in your profession understands that. You need no further excuse. You don’t even have to be nice about it. Just say no.

4. If anyone (your chair, your colleagues) think they have a valid exception to number 1, ask your chair if she would put it in writing that it will enhance your tenure package. Seriously. This should remind everyone of number 1.

5. I hear everyone gasping at number 4. You’ve spent three years being nice. Your chair’s worst fear is that she will have to write a letter supporting your tenure case without enough publications. See number 1.

I wish I could do this! I'm trying to get there. I printed this up and stuck it on the wall by my desk. And then today my Chair walks into my office and asks me to be on the grad student admission committee. I tried to say no, but I am afraid that he didn't hear me. As in, I said "I don't know if this is a good idea, blah blah blah" and he said "oh it's almost no work and we will make sure that everything happens after your R01 deadline". sigh.

But still, I think I'm making progress. right?

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