It's coming out day!

Oct 11 2011 Published by under queer

That's right, we have made it to another Oct. 11, National Coming Out Day. This is a day to for us non-hetero folks to tell everyone that we are...whatever we are. Me, I'm a lesbian. I've written about that before here and here and here.

If you are LGBT (or non-hetero however you are), and there are people that you can safely tell this to, please do so! In general, it is harder to demonize (or vote to take the rights away from) people that you know and respect.

I would also like to take a minute to thanks the straight allies that are out there. Because today I learned that my daughter has already had to start coming out about our family in her own way. Here is the conversation that we had this morning about something that happened at her pre-school:

Mini: Mommy, come quick! Look at the cats!
Me: what are they doing?
Mini: They were standing right next to each other, like they were going to get married!
Me: do cats get married??
Mini: No, I was just tricking you [she is really into "tricking"]
Me: Oh. OK.
Mini: Yesterday in music class one of the friends said that girls can't marry girls.
Me: Huh. Is that right?
Mini: No, because you and Momma are married and you are both girls.
Me: Did you tell the friend that he was wrong?
Mini: No, because the music teacher told him. So now he knows.

THANK YOU Music teacher that stepped in and made sure that my daughter's family was validated. And thanks to everyone else out there that helps make it a safe place to be out. Thanks even to Ke$ha, who I  just discovered has joined up with HRC to make a T-shirt for National Coming Out Day.


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