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One of the committees that I sit on is the seminar committee. I generally like this as service work goes, because it gives me some say in what seminars I will be sitting through the next year, provides an opportunity for me to network, and doesn't actually take that much time. Usually just one meeting to go through lists of speakers that have been proposed by other faculty members, and then go to a few dinners during the seminar series. I'm OK with that, really I am!

This year when we were putting together the list of speakers, I noticed that there very few women (4/22). I brought this up to the rest of the committee and was pretty quickly swatted down. I was told that "we don't need to have ALL women", and then the conversation went on as though I hadn't said anything. Being the only untenured person in the room, I didn't really push the issue further.

Anyway, later that day I was asked to add another 2-3 folks to the list. I figured that they should all be women. Women that give EXCELLENT talks. So I went to twitter and asked the tweeps to start throwing out names of women that do kick-ass science and can rock a seminar (we used the #xxtalk hashtag). Here is the list of what we came up with*. I have included extra information that was provided by twitter.

from the #xxtalk twitter stream, in no particular order:
Anna Marie Cuervo (Albert Einstein)
Bonnie Bassler (Princeton)
Jennifer Lippencott-Schwartz
Michelle Swanson
Frances Brodsky
Rachel Green (JHMI)
Nicola Clayton (spacial memory in scrub jays)
Angela Christiano (Columbia)
Erica Rosenblum (color evolution in desert lizards)
Leslie Voshall
Anne Brunet (Stanford)
Susan Lindquist
Rebecca Heald
Liz Miller (Columbia)
Phoebe Stewart

Please add your own suggestions in the comments, and we'll make this a handy archive forever!


*I haven't seen all these women speak (yet), so I can't personally vouch for them.

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