Bandwagon-jumping: Who are you, why are you here, and what do you want from me?

Jun 16 2011 Published by under meme

This morning DrugMonkey posted his annual get-to-know-your-readers meme. Odyssey has already jumped on board, and I am happy to follow. Because I really do want to know more about my audience here (both of you!). The meme originates with Ed Yong at Not Exactly Rocket Science. This year, Ed asked the following of his readers:

"Tell me who you are, what your background is and what you do. What’s your interest in science and your involvement with it? How did you come to this blog, how long have you been reading, what do you think about it, and how could it be improved?"

So take a minute to tell me about yourself and how you got here. Use these questions to get started, or go your own way. But please de-lurk and say something, even if it your very first comment. I am excited to learn about why you started to read this blog, and what keeps you coming back. Cheers!


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  • Zee says:

    I am 33 yr old post-doctoral researcher of infectious things. Other blogs I read linked to you so I started reading you and enjoy your posts. Been reading for about a year-ish. No notes on improvement, I like you how you are.

  • Autistic Lurker says:

    Autistic Lurker, IT consultant since XX years (don't remember).

    I worked for a psychiatrist a few years ago and had a 3rd author publication out in auditory neuroscience.

    I came to this blog since reading the blogroll of labspace.


  • DrLizzyMoore says:

    Hi! I can't remember if I started reading b/c it was linked on 'The Tightrope' or on DMblog...but I also found you on twitter. I enjoy reading the blog, b/c I too am a junior tenure-track faculty person and appreciate what you have to say.

  • Hi there. I've been reading since I started following you on Twitter, I think. Which was also my route to your blog in the first place. (See, Twitter haters, it is useful sometimes!)

    Right now I'm a technician in a molecular bio lab, but I will be moving and starting grad school in the fall. This is probably a nice market, but I really like hearing from a gay woman professor, especially one with a family! I like my colleagues and department, but there are few people of color and even fewer queers.

    • gerty-z says:

      good luck in grad school! IME, there are more queers than you expect roaming the halls.

      • Thanks! After seeing many of my friends go through grad school the decision strikes me as a little masochistic, but I like research and teaching so we'll see where it goes.

        I do know a few queers in my department here (even a professor!), but that's good to hear. I'm sure it doesn't help that most people read me as straight until "girlfriend" pops out of my mouth. My girlfriend is in ecology and man, at my campus at least it seems like a hotbed for the gays!

  • DrugMonkey says:

    Pretty sure I'd seen your blog now and again due to linkage or comments elsewhere.

    I like your take on the life of an academic, always keen to see different perspectives on that.

  • Dr 27 says:

    I think I might have started following you and your blog either through GRMan or DocBecca ... I can't remember exactly. I like your blog just the way it is. It's pretty awesome and I like to read it :-).

  • NatC says:

    Neuro post-doc, actively seeking TT. I found your block - via DocBecca - while you were at LabSpaces (I think).
    Kept coming back cos you're awesome - I love your candour - and for the discussions.

  • BioMedE says:

    Biomedical / Neuro / Rehab engineering postdoc, soon to start TT. Not sure how I got started, but added you to my google reader many months ago. Regular reader and lurker.

  • katiesci says:

    First year grad student in neuroscience, 33 yrs old single mom with a teenager. Found you via twitter! Love your perspective.

  • Dr Becca says:

    I don't remember how I first found you, but your posts are so full of WIN--especially for me as an almost asst prof--that they'll have to pry them from my cold, dead hands. Don't ever stop!

  • a.w.e. says:

    Senior postdoc in biomedical sciences applying and interviewing for TT positions. I'm a divorced parent of two. Came across your stuff on another blog's favorite links, I think. It's been very interesting and helpful to gain some inside perspective on life on the TT.

  • APhdsLife says:

    I'm a 28 year old Assistant Professor in a College of Pharmacy. I teach on the chemistry side of things. I started following your blog about 2 years ago when I started on the search for a gig in academica, and I've been following you ever since. I don't remember how I got here, but it was probably from a blog roll from one of the many blogs that I follow.

    • gerty-z says:

      Thanks for being a long-time follower! Though I haven't actually been blogging for 2 years (time flies when you are having fun, right?) πŸ˜‰

  • APhdsLife says:

    ^^and I can't spell...

  • How can I not read the blog of a fellow Hockey / Canuck fan? I found you through Caths' hockey pool and well like I said, you follow all the right teams πŸ™‚

  • @DrRubidium says:

    I am an analytical chemist who recently returned to research after spending a couple years as a forensic analyst for a local government lab. After meeting @GertyZ on twitter, I starting reading Balanced Instability. We've been trading sports talk, science chit-chat & smart-ass comments ever since!

  • Carolina (@braziliancakes) says:

    28 yr old female, starting my 7th year as a grad student in biomedical sciences. I was hoping to graduate this year but turns out I have to start a completely new project since my last one tanked. I am looking to change fields in my postdoc and am looking for jobs in environmental research.

    I found your blog because I follow you on twitter. πŸ™‚ Don't remember how I found you on twitter though. Have really enjoyed your posts, and have been following for about 4 months.

  • Namnezia says:

    DOn't know how I started reading your blog. Maybe from lab spaces? Anyway been happily following since.

  • I'm a fellow TT prof, finishing up my first year. I'm in engineering, although I would say at least half my work is science. I found your blog when I went to the internetz in search of other TT folks to commiserate with.

  • Soupy says:

    Undergrad and chronic lurker, har har. I've been reading the science/academia blogs for a while now, mainly out of wishful thinking that I will someday be in your position? And I like to know what's going on on the other side of things. I don't remember how I first found this blog, actually.

  • Alethea says:

    I'm a 4th year neurosci/biophysics grad student. I found your blog through Dr. Becca. I like reading about people who are a little ahead of me in academia, so I know what I'm in for if I take that route. And I like smart-alecks with short attention spans.

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