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Apr 01 2011 Published by under academia

hahaha. Of course I'm just kidding. April Fools and all 🙂

But I am taking off today. I'm headed to another meeting, where I've been selected to give a talk. I really like meetings. I like talking to people about science, catching up with folks that I know and meeting new people.  But I'm beginning to think that I'm doing too much of the networking thing. Really, I have a meeting with a collaborator FROM MY UNI at the meeting because we couldn't figure out a time to meet here. WTF?

On a more interesting note, this is the first meeting that I will be attending that has a twitter hashtag (that I know of). I'm kind of excited to see how this gets used. It is a rather small meeting, and so far only 2 of us have used the #. So we'll see if it catches on.

Did I mention that I'm tired? But not for a bad reason. I got an AWESOME message yesterday offering to renew a pilot grant that I got for another year. When I g0t the award it was not supposed to be renewable, so this is a nice little surprise. That's right, someone called me up and offered me research cash unsolicited. w00t! Of course, this is great news, but there is a hitch: I need to provide a research progress report by tomorrow. Trying to put this together has made it very, VERY clear that I need to have a chat with the lab peeps about keeping good lab notes. Oh yeah, I mentioned that I'm supposed to be going out of town tomorrow, right? So I will be heading to my meeting a little sleep deprived. It's OK, because I know that it is worth it. Actually, I am pretty excited.

YAY for research $$!!







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