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I have been a little distant, I know. It's not because I don't want to be here more. I swear! It's just that, see, I thought I had another week to finish these 2 grants (stupid calendar lied to me, that bastard). So I have been a little k3rn3d these past few days while I try to get these damn things off my desk. But go out they will. I have also, in the midst of my frenzied typing, been generating a list of new posts that I think could be really interesting (or not, but whatever. I'm really sleepy right now).

But stay tuned, because on Friday I may have a little surprise for you all... 🙂

In the mean time, here is a little something to keep you amused:

scene: I'm sitting in my office, typing furiously and then immediately deleting ~80% of words on screen (this cycle repeats ad nauseum). Music is blasting (Girl Talk...thanks to @kzelnio -I think- for introducing me*). It randomly occurs to me that the music blasting from my office is somewhat explicit, and I wonder whether I should make sure that this is not offensive to the lab peeps. Because I really don't want my lab to be an uncomfortable place to work. And also I don't want to have to sit through sensitivity training or something. But I digress. The All Day track ends, so I activate the Pandora. Fairly mainstream stuff, but whatever. It works to keep me repeating the typing/deleting cycle. My timer starts beeping, so I jump out of my chair and run into the lab to dice the garlic for later roasting. After 2 min I'm headed back to the office. On the way by, I casually check in to make sure my lab peep isn't feeling awkward as a result of my tunes. Here is the dialogue, more or less:

GZ: hey, is my music bothering you?
stu: no, why?
GZ: well, I realized that it was kinda explicit. If that bothers you in any way I have absolutely no problem changing to something else.
stu: haha. Yeah, it's not a problem
GZ: well, I won't be upset, so if the music ever offend you, just let me know, OK?
stu: *laughs* well, this is kind of offensive
GZ:.........(at which point I realize that Soul Sister, by Train is playing)...
GZ: point taken

OH, I actually do have some super exciting news: I have wrangled my first graduate student! One of my rotons (who, for the record, is FULL OF WIN) has asked to stay in my lab to do hir dissertation research. w00t!!11!1!!!11!!!!


*if anyone would like to throw other suggestions my way, I'm all ears. On the advice of Cackle of Rad I tried out Lucinda Williams the other day. It was great, but I need something a little more...high energy for my writing, especially at night. Also feel free to direct me to other sites where I can download other GT albums (is that what they are called these days?)

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