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Holy crap. This week has been crazy busy. I am pretty sure that my brain is bruised. That can happen, right?

In addition to my normal schedule of managing my lab peeps and writing grants (have 2 foundation applications due at the end of the month), I have given 4 - not a typo - different talks this week. Two were for grad students, one was a low-key presentation for my dept., and the other was a Big Time talk for another program at my MRU (a big deal). The talks went well (I totally nailed the "big" one). Oh, and it is interview season. Prospective grad students, faculty candidates, more grad students. You name it, I'll interview it. Oh yeah, and I've got a stack of postdoc fellowship applications I am supposed to review. Damn.

It is safe to say that the work/life balance was tipped toward work this week. Hopefully tomorrow I can get enough done on my grants to justify taking a small break this weekend. I really need to go for a run-I have been too sleep deprived to get my normal workouts in.

My brain is just too tired to put together a coherent post (see above). But I do have a couple of points I would like to bring up for anyone that is out getting interviewed right now:

- under no circumstances should you answer (or send) a text message during an interview.
- seriously, just  put away your iPhone. At least pretend to be interested in what I am talking about when I am interviewing you.
- for a TT job talk, please tell me why I care. Spend some time on the big picture, please.

That is all I have right now. I am fucking exhausted.

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  • WhizBANG! says:

    Another point for those being interviewed:
    Your "hosts" may not have bathroom breaks built into your schedule. If no kind soul offers to let you use the facilities, just ask at the beginning or end of your interview.
    I hate watching folks squirm with a full bladder.

    • gerty-z says:

      Yes! It is hard for each individual person talking to you to know when you need a break if you never say anything!

      • Zuska says:

        Whenever I got someone handed off to me on the interview schedule, I always opened with asking them if they would like to take a break to use the facilities, knowing that no bathroom time was ever scheduled into the day's festivities.

  • Dr 29 says:

    Are you kidding me? A phone call/txt during an interview? Oh wow ... WTF? I truly want to punch this sucker. Like, seriously. WTF? I'm in shock. That's just beyond rude. It makes me think that said interviewer is an inept, in every sense of the word.

    Anyways, I do hope you get some well deserved R&R and best of luck during interview season. I kinda miss it. We don't do bulk interviews here at school. I miss talking to the prospective students/postdocs.

  • physioprof says:

    Spend some time on the big picture, please.

    If you are a post-doc seeking your first independent position, what *you* think is enough time on the big picture is almost certainly not enough.

  • Texting during an interview?! For real?! Oh. My. God. I'd have been tempted to kick the person out of the room right then and there.

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