how excel failed me

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So, I was unable to shirk responsibility any longer and I have agreed to host this week's VWXYnot Hockey Pool. Unfortunately, no matter how I plot the data it is impossible to hide the fact that I BLEW IT this week

This is the best I could do:

Plotted this way, you can almost miss the fact that I came in dead last this week with only 15 points. 🙁 TJ fared only slightly better, with 17, and Cath and ScientistMother each managed to scrape together 19 points. Moving up the ladder, Chall was able to pull in 22 points, Ricardipus racked up 24, and Bob ran off with 25. Lavaland was the big winner this week with 27 points (nice work!).

OK, I can't hold out data. Even when it hurts, I love me some data. So, here is the visual of the data from last week:

week 18 points

So there. There was not much shuffling in the top 4, but ScientistMother built a little lead up over me and Cath made some progress toward catching up.


My picks may suck, but at least there is always hockey beer.

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  • Thanks for hosting, Gerty!

    This week was sooooo disappointing! I was in the lead in the weekly points table as late as Thursday, then my guys just stopped scoring. Booooo.

    I see I'm in the lead this morning, too, one day into the new week. I'm sure it won't last!

    But at least the Canucks are still top of the league! That's what really matters 🙂

  • ricardipus says:

    Bah - I thought I was going to be second only to Bob last week - then Lavaland appeared from nowhere (ok, third place maybe) and obliterated us both. Those re-shuffled player values are playing havoc with my head this week...

  • Lavaland says:

    Ricardipus! I thought you had it for sure! I was so nervous over the weekend, but somehow those 3 whole games played on Sunday seemed to lift me up.

    Am I the only one having issues with the Sportsnet site? I have to refresh over and over and keep getting an error that the site isn't responding....

    Go Canucks Go!
    The team will be even more amazing once we get all these injuries cleared up!

  • gerty-z says:

    the Sportsnet site was being a pain last night, too.

  • chall says:

    Neeeeed more points. Neeed more points now! Need to move to third (or first - I'm not picky ^^ ).

    I really do hate those slopes Gerty. I had the same "flat line" for a while before Xmas. Hope you get it back together and have a good time 🙂

  • I thought I was in last for the points last week, so nice to know I wasn't. But couldn't freaking change my picks yesterday because of "technical difficulties" on the freaking site....URGH.....

  • Bob O'H says:

    No, chall, you don't want third.

    My semi-random picking seems to be working pretty well. I'm impressed with the way my luck is holding.

    • chall says:

      Bob> huh? just because you're first?! Why wouldn't I want third?

      SM> I tried to change mine too but couldn't even get it to load..... sucks... 🙁

  • I'm still winning this week!!!!!*

    *not for long

  • gerty-z says:

    You are still on top, Cath! I have had another bleh week. Time for a reshuffling of the line-up. 🙂

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