Here I am...over here!

Feb 06 2011 Published by under Uncategorized

Well, it is obvious now, but I've been asked to join the super group here at Scientopia. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. Thanks for following me (again). I plan on settling in here for a while, so hopefully this will be the last time you will need to update your blogroll for a while.

Since you are here, why not say hello? It would be great to meet you, so please de-lurk in the comments. I would love to know who I am talking to-why do you follow me around? What would you like to talk about?

I've migrated my old posts (even the early ones from my Blogger days!). Please help me kick the tires and let me know if there is anything that seems out of place. I'm still unpacking boxes, but I'm open to suggestions.

This is going to be fun!

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