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originally posted 4 Oct 2010

I really do! I have so much fun hearing and talking about new* research, and catching up with old friends. But, I haven't been around much this last week. I was not even able to pick my NFL games! Frown At least my Broncos pulled off a win.

In any event, here are some random comments about what I have been up to:

-My brain is a little mushy right now. There were over 80 talks, each 10 minutes long, over the course of 3 days! I used to hate these talks because you can't ever actually hear a whole story. But now I realize that these are just little advertisements, so you know who to track down in the bar that evening. Still, it was intense.

-After I gave my talk, I was hunted down at the bar by a lot of folks. Hooray! Everyone was pretty excited. I even spoke to some grad students trying to find out if I have postdoc positions (YES!). Money mouth

-My liver is a little mushy right now. I was at a small conference, at a location where there was NOTHING to do except the meeting. It was fantastic. Everyone ate all the meals together, there was only ever 1 talk at a time. And there were cocktails in the bar every evening. Many cocktails. The bar is the best part of these meetings. You can walk up to anyone, even the most "famous" scientist in the room and just start talking and next thing you know you have friends in common and probably they will remember your name next time you see them! Also, some of the funniest and most entertaining folks I know were at this meeting. So fun!

-I had a random conversation that actually fits in with a comment storm that I missed out on over at Biochem Belle's place. I was having drinks with one of the Big Names in the field (I told you the bar is the best part), and Dr. BN was giving me, the n00b PI advice. I was basically told to not try to worry about knowing how to actually do the experiments that go on in the lab. As it was said to me, I never learned how to run those big, tedious sequencing gels. And it doesn't matter because no one even uses that technology anymore! Did I meet CPP Surprised?

-I have been going to a LOT of conferences for the last year or so. This was important as I was ramping up my job search. And as much as I really do enjoy conferences, when I am gone it is hard on Mini-G. We had some good quality time this afternoon after I got back, but I still feel a little bad that I left her for almost a week.

-I have so much crap to catch up on. This is going to be a crazy week! But I am really excited about the work right now Laughing



*OK, new-ish at least

I realize I went a little crazy with the happy faces. I don't even know what this one is: Money mouth But it was so easy!

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