Am I ruining your marriage? (archived from LabSpaces)

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Hooray for the demise of Prop 8!! It is about fucking time! Here's hoping that the decision sticks.

OK, so I am biased, being a lesbian* and all.

But I really wish that someone could explain to me how, exactly, my family is ruining America. Dr. Isis posits that the folks making this argument (conservatives) are hate-filled shitbags. My first reaction is to agree, because from my perspective that is what it looks like. But then I just get sad and confused. First of all, it is not like liberals and/or Democrats are standing up and doing the right thing here. So it is not just a conservative problem. Second, though I live in a nice blue haven now, I grew up in a big red state. My family still lives there. They are all pretty conservative, and not quite where I would like when it comes to gay rights (among other things). But in general I think they are good people, and we are working on it. Finally, Ted Olson, one of the lawyer that argued the case against Prop 8, is a conservative hero (Bush v. Gore). In a Newsweek piece, he makes the case that conservatives should be FOR gay marriage. Even others at Fox News apparently agree.

OK, so I'm at a loss. I don't understand the argument against gay marriage. As far as I can tell, it seems to always fall back to something from the Bible. WTF? When did that become a valid constitutional argument? And how, for fuck's sake, can people not consider this part of the fight for equal civil rights for everyone? This goes both ways. If you are fighting for gay rights, you better also be pissed about attempt to keep folks from building a Mosque at ground zero and the stupid "immigration" law in Arizona.

I guess that it is easy to forget that our system is set up to protect people's rights ESPECIALLY when they are the minority. The goal is not to impose your will/beliefs on others. At least, that is how I remember learning it.

*I am open about my life in part because I hope that if more people personally knew gays and lesbians it would make the situation better. If you are gay, I encourage you to come out! Dan Savage makes the case better than I could.

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