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Jul 24 2010 Published by under jr faculty, on the job training

>Since my appointment to asst. prof 23 days ago, I have submitted 3 grant applications. The first was a non-competitive transition of my K99 to R00 phase (that seems to be going well), the second was for a pilot grant (it is not yet clear if there is actually any money for these grants-wtf), and the third was a short proposal for an internal competition to apply for a young investigator award (I will NOT be one of the applicants this year). I have 3 more deadlines on the calendar so far. I really hope that I can make it through the internal competition to get to apply to at least 1 of them. Sigh. But enough wallowing. Moving on.

I have been very busy the last couple of weeks getting people in my lab. This week I think that everyone is to the place that data can start to be produced. wOOt!!1!!!1!! Here's the rub-I have to leave tomorrow for a family vacation. Yes, HAVE TO. I've been told this is not optional, even though I'm a little nervous leaving my nOOb lab peeps alone with no guidance. We spent a lot of time this week going around to our neighbors asking for little things (today I realized we had no EDTA, for example). I'm hoping that this instills a feeling in my peeps that they can go outside the walls of our little fiefdom lab for help. No doubt that I will be jumping anytime my phone makes a sound over the next few days, though.

Today I joined my first grad committee. A student that I've spoken to a few times (rather informally) stopped by my office to see if I would replace someone on his committee that is leaving the dept. I hope that this will serve as a way to learn how committees function from the other side of the table without having my first meeting be a general exam. We'll see.

OK, back to work. I have some papers to get out and grants to write. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me -- maybe there will be some data waiting for me when I get back next week!

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  • melissa's says:

    >Hi GZ,I was just informed myself that I must take me and my whole family on an extended vacation during the fall semester! Non-optional, once-in-a-lifetime thing. OK. Just need to get someone to run my lab for me (I'm only 1 year in and my students still call me every other night with questions!), teach my classes, oh and polish off my grants for the Nov. deadline for me too. Thanks family!Gonna make lemonade out of it though, by getting my grants out early, encouraging my post-doc to teach a class or two, and letting my students know they have an opportunity to wow me with their independence and work ethic when I see what they have for me when I get back. Anyway, what with getting the lab set up and the noobs trained, you could use the break anyway. Just wait til you add teaching on top of it...Love the blog! Good luck on the TT!M-Bench

  • Gerty-Z says:

    >Thanks, M! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  • pinus says:

    >you have been there less than 23 days and you have people producing data? Holy shit, that is quick, don't worry about some vacation time. It took me months just to be able to DO experiments (regualtions, rules, etc.). Let them figure shit out, at some point they have to learn how. Plus, you will be back soon to fix whatever they broke.

  • tideliar says:

    >Heh heh, good luck "relaxing"And you are doing good so far huh! Data already?!

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