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>Well, I'm sure that this is to be expected, but still I am finding this pretty funny (thus the hilarity tag). I am on the faculty search committee for our department next year! It has been less than a year since I began putting together my own job application packet, and now I will be sitting in judgement (well, 1/3 judgement at least) of others. Note that I have not officially started my appointment yet as an Asst. Prof., but what the hell?

WTF! I'm on the search committee!?

I agreed to be on the committee for a couple of reasons: 1. It will probably be pretty enlightening to see a job search from the other side. 2. I would like to at least have SOME input into shaping the future of the Dept. 3. I figure that if I sit on this committee I can be too busy for any others 4. I'm not sure I was allowed to say no.

In any event, after less 3 months as an Asst. Prof., I will be involved in sorting through the next generation of applicants. Am I insane or is this like the blind leading the blind? Back in the day, when I was a lowly grad student, I once had a jr. faculty tell me that job searches were so random that it came down to someone walking into a room with a stack of applications, throwing them high into the air, and then picking the 5-10 that happen to land on the table. I assumed that was a metaphor. Now I am not so sure. I would say that this should be fun except that I'm pretty sure it will be a shit-ton of work.

Seriously, this shit is cracking me up.

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  • Comrade PhysioProf says:

    >The most junior faculty provide an excellent perspective on a faculty search committee. We always try to include them on ours.

  • Gerty-Z says:

    >I know that this is (at least part) of the reason I've been tapped for this one...not to mention that the Dept. if full of Old White Doods and they are feeling pressure to get more women and minorities. I have the feeling that they think that having me (one of 3 females in the Dept.) will help fight against any white male bias.

  • prodigal academic says:

    >This happened to me too--I just finished my 1st year, and I was on two search committees in two departments. It sure is different seeing things from the other side!Watch out--if you are in a male dominated field, you will be asked to do this a lot to get a woman on the committee.

  • Arlenna says:

    >And me! I also just participated in the search committee for our recent search. I am also one of 3 females in my department, and yep indeed we needed to work harder on the women and minorities problem. I ended up having to prod a little with respect to that, because we got less than 10% female/minority applicants even though we are a field that graduates >50% women PhD students, and people's initial response was "Well, maybe women and minorities just don't WANT this job..." umm, yeah...

  • Laura says:

    >I've found that reading two columns (The Boss and The Corner Office) in the Sunday NY Times has really helped me develop as an interviewer, interviewee, and as a supervisor. I learn something new every week.http://projects.nytimes.com/corner-office

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