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>So, I finished my second marathon yesterday!! It went well, I think. I feel good about my time (17 min faster than first marathon!), even though it was slower than what I was aiming at when I started the training. Considering I was fighting off a severe lack of time and a nagging hamstring injury, I'm happy.

Now I just have to mentally prepare for a cross-country airplane ride tomorrow. One in which I will put together slides for my talk the next day. Yikes! I'm feeling a little under-prepared for this "workshop". At least I can settle in an enjoy the evening socializing without worrying about getting up early for a training run!

The best part of my trip is that I just realized I get back Thursday instead of Friday. But I haven't told anyone else that so no one expects me to show up in lab! A whole day to get myself organized! This will greatly enhance my ability to put together an application for a pilot grant due early in June. Woo hoo!

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