>a one-body problem

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>I am suffering from an unfortunate fact: I can exist in only one place at a given time. This is truly hampering my ability to get the shit on my list done. I am finding that it is actually NOT possible to be in my old post-doc lab doing experiments at the same time I am sitting in new Assistant Prof. office. At first, I thought it was SA-WEET that I could take off from post-doc institute and go up the street to Big U. My post-doc mentor is very supportive and I was sure that this would help me get my lab up and running far more efficiently than the normal situation (pack up postdoc life, move to new city for tt job, start lab from scratch). And I am really excited to have my own lab, and it seemed like it would be fun to start thinking about which PCR machines and microscopes I am going to buy. At first, this was super fun. But now I'm fully engaged in meetings, negotiating with sales reps, and overseeing the day-to-day interactions with the folks remodeling the lab. And I'm thinking WAIT A SECOND! I was going to be getting all those experiments done, but I can't do anything at the bench while I'm sitting in this office. What has happened to my last happy months of postdoc productivity?

The real question that I have to deal with now is: should I just accept that I have moved over to BigU (although my appointment isn't official for another 2 months) and buy the shit I need to do all my experiments here (mostly possible, but will take some time to get going) OR should I dissociate from BigU as much as possible and retreat back to post-doc institute to try to suck some productivity out of the next two months?

screw it. I'm going for a run.

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  • joshphd says:

    >I would run too! I just found your blog, and it is great! I hope to be in the same boat that you are in soon...well a much smaller boat anyway! I am in the hunt for an Assistant Prof position at a small liberal arts/small comprehensive university. The hunt is starting to heat up! Best of luck in the transition. I can't wait to read all about it!

  • balanced instability says:

    >Thanks, joshphd. Good luck with your search.

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